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Generic Identity Device Specification Applet for the beginner(tested on JCIDE and JC30M48)
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GidsApp is a javacard applet which was developed according the specification GIDS 2.0 (Generic Identity Device Specification).This project is based on GidsApplet . It provides a generic identity command set for interaction with smart cards that are used for identity applications.It will be able to be used without driver installation since windows 7 sp1.

##Compiling and Downloading A project file(GidsApp.jcproj) has been created for the users of JCIDE .If you have already installed the JCIDE ,only a simple clicking on this file to start the development environment. You can view ,edit,build or debug the code with JCIDE a powerful Javacard Integrated Development Environment. You can use pyApdutool to download and install the applet, please reference the topic in the JavaCardOS for the detail. It should work on JC30M48 , the downloading and installation have been tested on this card.

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