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An open source project by the NodeKC group.


This project will generate URL's that can be used by others to add your social contact information to their contact list. URL's can be generated for various events to track where your contact was made. URL's can be easily shared through the use of QR codes.

Authentication setup

Set up your environment variables


export KEY=value


set KEY=value


heroku config:add KEY=value

Twitter API Key


Visit and create an application. Once created, you'll be given an API key and SECRET. It's important that you set the callback url correctly.

Github API Key

GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET Once again, it's important to set the callback url correctly for where the application is hosted.

Base URL for callbacks


You will need to set up your base callback url. This is the root url to where the site is hosted. Examples include: http://localhost:3000 or

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