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Personal development repository for XQEMU (original Xbox Emulator)
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This is a development repository

This is my personal development repository for the XQEMU project (

XQEMU is an open source Xbox emulator based on QEMU!

If you want to develop or try XQEMU yourself, you should stick to the offical version.


This repository is used for planning work and sending Pull-Requests.

It also hosts my personal priority list for XQEMU.

The branches on this repository are feature-branches. If you need a combination of features you should merge that locally or wait until it's merged with the offical version.

There are also 2 similar legacy XQEMU repositories by me:

  • xqemu-jfr: My short-lived, but impressive fork of XQEMU from 2014
  • xqemu-espes: My development repository from 2014 to 2017 (when espes/xqemu was upstream)


Please keep in mind that XQEMU is a community effort. My work would be useless without others.

If you like my personal contributions to the Xbox scene (tools, emulation, support, artwork, ...), a donation to me would be nice:

Even a small amount does help me and shows appreciation. Thank you!

No money? Please "Star" this repo to show your love.


If you want to contact me, there should be contact details on my website. You can also leave a comment on Issues or Pull-Requests on this repository

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