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Warning: UltiSnips now supports neocomplete snippets completion by default. This should be used only if you're using neocomplcache.

This is a NeoComplCache extension that provides UltiSnips integration. It adds UltiSnips snippets to NeoComplCache completion and properly sets mappings for correct snippet expanding and jumping.


Use your preferred way to install plugins. For Vundle, add this to .vimrc:

Bundle 'JazzCore/neocomplcache-ultisnips'


This plugin loads automatically, so you dont need to set any options.

Mappings for snippet expanding and jumping are set on g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger key. This means that you can use one key for expanding and jumping but keep in mind that you also can use standard UltiSnips keys, defined by g:UltiSnipsJumpForwardTrigger and g:UltiSnipsJumpBackwardTrigger options.