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Use toto.js to call your Toto based webservice.

Call var toto = new Toto(url) to get an instance of the toto client that points to your url, then use toto.request(method, args, successCallback(response), errorCallback(error)) to call your service. method is the string name of the method to call, args is the javascript object that will be JSON serialized and sent as the method arguments. successCallback and errorCallback are both optional.

Use toto.createAccount(userID, password, args, successCallback, errorCallback) to create a new account. args is a dictionary that contains any additional parameters that your account.create method takes, or null if not needed.

toto.authenticate(userID, password, successCallback, errorCallback) can be used to log in to an existing account. Both toto.authenticate and toto.createAccount will result in a logged in session, and all future calls to toto.request will be authenticated.

Toto uses localStorage to store the User ID and Session ID for each domain, so it is possible to use multiple Toto services simultaneously.

TotoClient-JS uses jsSHA for HMAC.

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