A project that aims to automatically devirtualize code that has been virtualized using x86virt
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Write-Up URL: http://jeremywildsmith.com/?blog%2Fx86devirt

This is a project that aims to devirtualize & disassemble applications that have been virtualized using x86virt.

It is a reverse engineering project and all implementation seen here was reverse engineered out of a protected binary file / crackme hosted on tuts4you.com at the following address: https://tuts4you.com/download/1850/

x86 Virtualizer is an open source project located at the following URL: https://github.com/rwfpl/rewolf-x86-virtualizer

Since this project aims to build practical experience reverse engineering applications protected using a VM, the open source project was never referenced during the development of this project and all implementation is based entirely on what has been reverse engineered out of protected executables.

Credits / Dependencies

The devirtualizer on this repository was developed independently by myself (Jeremy Wildsmith) with the help of the following tools / libraries:

Documentation / Feedback

Please e-mail any feedback or questions to jeremywildsmith (th!s i$ an at symb0l) Y(eah)(w)hoo d0t ca

The project has been written up with a details explanation on how it works at the following URL: http://jeremywildsmith.com/?blog%2Fx86devirt


This project and all of its' source files are licensed under the MIT license. NASM is licensed under a seperate license, mentioned under NASM-LICENSE in the distribution.

How to Use

You must have the following installed to use the x86virt unpacker/devirtualizer:

  1. Python 2.7
  2. x64dbg
  3. x64dbgpy
  4. Python dependency angr (pip install angr)
  5. Python dependency distorm3 (Download the installer from Distorm 3 releases page: https://github.com/gdabah/distorm/releases )

Once the above items have been installed and correctly configured:

  1. Download x86devirt release from the releases page ( https://github.com/JeremyWildsmith/x86devirt/releases )
  2. Open the packed / virtualized target in x64dbg
  3. Select the Plugins -> x64dbgpy -> Open Script menu item, and browse to the downloaded x86devirt.py script

How to Build

The only portion that you are required to build is the disassembler engine, which is written in C++. On Windows you can build this using cygwin and the make command.