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This tool allows you to make any windows always on top. Using .NET framework.


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This tool allows you to make any windows always on top.

Double Click

Double Click the tray icon, make the current selected window stay on top.

Global Hotkey

Use the default hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Space to make the current selected window stay on top.

Change The Hotkey

Right click the tray icon and go to options page to change the hotkey to your own favorite combination.

Window List

Click on a menu item from the Window List to pin or unpin any windows.

Other Features

  • Dynamic icon
  • Clear all function
  • Automatically startup option
  • Enable/Disable keyboard shortcut option
  • Freely customizable hotkey
  • Global hotkey
  • Command-line support
  • High compatibility with other programs
  • Negligible system resources usage

Why do I need this?

Topmost or Always On Top is a property of every window you see on your computer. A window whose Topmost property is set to true appears above all windows whose Topmost properties are set to false.

Many windows applications don’t offer an option to make itself topmost. When you are browsing multiple windows at the same time, this may make you annoyed by frequent switching to different windows. With TopMost2, you can add this feature to any applications and solve the above problem.


  • Tray Icon
    The color of the icon represents the top-most state of the current selected window.
    🟥RED = Normal, 🟩GREEN = Top-most

  • Clear All Function
    This function will set all windows to normal states.

  • Elevated Privileges
    If you are trying to set an elevated window, TopMost2 will ask you to elevate the privileges in order to have higher permission to finish the action. Obviously, the reason is that they are protected by the operating system. You can also start TopMost2 as administrator to avoid the above problem.

  • Hotkey
    You can freely set any hotkey combinations. By clicking the Edit button, you can then press a new combination. After that, click Done to finish. If you leave or close the option form. The hotkey setting will be auto-saved by the system.
    Hot Key Demo
    If TopMost2 starts with normal permission, it may not be able to read the input of the keyboard in the elevated window.

  • Exit
    This function will set all windows to normal state and shut down the program.

Command Line


.\topmost2 [--autostart] {action hWnd}


  • Set top-most: --set or -S or /S
  • Remove top-most: --remove or -R or /R


The handle pointer in hexadecimal. HWND is a "handle to a window" and is part of the Win32 API.

For example:

.\topmost2 -S 0x311A0 -S 0x190D4E
.\topmost2 -R 0x311A0

Other Software

There are similar software like DeskPins and Window TopMost Control. I am trying to compare them in several ways. Keep in mind, everyone has different opinion so this comparison is for reference only.

TopMost2 DeskPins Window TopMost Control
Set Elevated application's Window #0 ✔️ ✔️ #1 ✔️
Command Line Support ✔️ ✔️
Portable ✔️ ✔️
Auto Start ✔️ ✔️
Auto Pin ✔️
Open Source ✔️ ✔️
State visibility 🟡Good 🟢Excellent #2 🟠Limited #3
CPU Usage 🟢Least 🟠Highest 🟡Medium
Customize 🟡Good 🟢Excellent 🟡Good
Compatibility With Programs 🟢Excellent 🟡Good #4 🟢Excellent
Hotkey More Combinations More shortcuts Limited
Size 47KB 103KB 680KB

#0 Able to change a window that belongs to a process with elevated privileges (run as the administrator).
#1 Only if the application starts as administrator. Otherwise, trying to do that will cause unknown behavior.
#2 Pin icon at the top-right corner of the top-most window.
#3 Only provide the "Window List" feature.
#4 Not Compatible with windows which also have top-most setting.


Please go to the release page to download the latest version.
This tool requires .Net Framework 4.7.2 (or above). Support Windows 7 SP1 or later.

Special Thanks

Thanks you SamNg and COMMANDER.WONG for their suggestions and software testing.