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Efficient CLI for Raspian ARM on QEMU
Python Shell
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Using QEMU for Raspian ARM

single ARM guest configuration tested on Mac OSX 10.14.6 host
experimental multi-guest support for Ubuntu 18.04 host (Gnome / Budgie) over virtual network bridge

Emulates a variety of Raspian releases on proper ARM hardware with QEMU.


QEMU and wget (OSX homebrew)

# OSX:
brew install qemu wget 

# Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install qemu-system-arm -y

Get the Python3 CLI in this repo:


info - multiple guests over virtual bridge (.deb distros only):

  • multiple guests get unique MAC addresses
  • see / for required packages
# permiss shell scripts with ``` sudo chmod u+x ... ``` 

sudo ./

# switch to bridge br0:
sudo ./

# back to normal host network:
sudo ./

# add network bits for host:
rm /etc/network/interfaces  # existing lo file
cp interfaces /etc/network/  # replace from this repo
cp qemu-ifup /etc/

usage - single guest:

After the first launch, it will launch from the persistent .qcow2 image.

With no arguments & in a new folder, Raspian "stretch-lite" (no desktop environment) will be:
- downloaded as a zip archive with a release kernel
- unarchived --> to img
- converted to a Qcow2 with 8gb allocated as disk
- launched from Qcow2 as administrator

sudo python3 

optional guest configuration arguments:

  • -h prints CLI usage help
  • -rm removes ALL files added in dir with
  • stretch uses standard graphical stretch release with GUI
  • stretchlite for stretchlite release [default!]
  • buster for standard graphical buster release [YMMV]
  • busterlite for busterlite release [YMMV]
# examples:
sudo python3 busterlite
python3 QEMU_Raspian -h  # print help

# YMMV: burn / backup as .img:     

to burn the new image back to an SD card for a hardware Pi:     

# bash
qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O raw file.qcow2 file.img

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