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@Movshin Movshin released this Apr 11, 2019 · 2031 commits to master since this release


The release contains the JVM version of Kotlin compiler and also one native system dependent version for every major platform (Linux, macOS, and Windows). Those binaries are built with Excelsior JET AOT compiler ( and have faster startup time which is suitable for building small files or scripts.




New Features

  • KT-19664 Allow more permissive visibility for non-virtual actual declarations
  • KT-29586 Add support for Android platform annotations
  • KT-29604 Do not implicitly propagate deprecations originated in Java

Performance Improvements

  • KT-24876 Emit calls to java.lang.Long.divideUnsigned for unsigned types when target version is 1.8
  • KT-25974 'when' by unsigned integers is not translated to tableswitch/lookupswitch
  • KT-28015 Coroutine state-machine shall use Result.throwOnFailure
  • KT-29229 Intrinsify 'in' operator for unsigned integer ranges
  • KT-29230 Specialize 'next' method call for unsigned integer range and progression iterators


  • KT-7185 Parse import directives in the middle of the file, report a diagnostic instead
  • KT-7237 Parser recovery (angle bracket mismatch)
  • KT-11656 Could not generate LightClass because of ISE from bridge generation on invalid code
  • KT-13497 Better recovery in comma-separated lists in case of missing comma
  • KT-13703 Restore parser better when class is missing from enum declaration
  • KT-13731 Recover parser on value parameter without a type
  • KT-14227 Incorrect code is generated when using MutableMap.set with plusAssign operator
  • KT-19389 Couldn't inline method call 'with'
  • KT-20065 "Cannot serialize error type: [ERROR : Unknown type parameter 0]" with generic typealias
  • KT-20322 Debug: member value returned from suspending function is not updated immediately
  • KT-20780 "Cannot serialize error type: [ERROR : Unknown type parameter 0]" with parameterized inner type alias
  • KT-21405 Throwable “Rewrite at slice LEXICAL_SCOPE key: VALUE_PARAMETER_LIST” on editing string literal in kotlin-js module
  • KT-21775 "Cannot serialize error type: [ERROR : Unknown type parameter 0]" with typealias used from a different module
  • KT-22818 "UnsupportedOperationException: Don't know how to generate outer expression" on using non-trivial expression in default argument of expect function
  • KT-23117 Local delegate + local object = NoSuchMethodError
  • KT-23701 Report error when -Xmultifile-parts-inherit is used and relevant JvmMultifileClass parts have any state
  • KT-23992 Target prefixes for annotations on supertype list elements are not checked
  • KT-24490 Wrong type is inferred when last expression in lambda has functional type
  • KT-24871 Optimize iteration and contains for UIntRange/ULongRange
  • KT-24964 "Cannot serialize error type: [ERROR : Unknown type parameter 0]" with Validated typealias from Arrow
  • KT-25383 Named function as last statement in lambda doesn't coerce to Unit
  • KT-25431 Type mismatch when trying to bind mutable property with complex common system
  • KT-25435 Try/catch as the last expression of lambda cause type mismatch
  • KT-25437 Type variable fixation of postponed arguments and type variables with Nothing constraint
  • KT-25446 Empty labeled return doesn't force coercion to Unit
  • KT-26069 NoSuchMethodError on calling remove/getOrDefault on a Kotlin subclass of Java subclass of Map
  • KT-26638 Check for repeatablilty of annotations doesn't take into account annotations with use-site target
  • KT-26816 Lambdas to Nothing is inferred if multilevel collections is used (listOf, mapOf, etc)
  • KT-27190 State machine elimination after inlining stopped working (regression)
  • KT-27241 Contracts: smartcasts don't work correctly if type checking for contract function is used
  • KT-27565 Lack of fallback resolution for SAM conversions for Kotlin functions in new inference
  • KT-27799 Prohibit references to reified type parameters in annotation arguments in local classes / anonymous objects
  • KT-28182 Kotlin Bytecode tool window shows incorrect output on annotated property with backing field
  • KT-28236 "Cannot serialize error type: [ERROR : Unknown type parameter 2]" with inferred type arguments in generic extension function from Arrow
  • KT-28309 Do not generate LVT entries with different types pointing to the same slot, but have different types
  • KT-28317 Strange behavior in testJvmAssertInlineFunctionAssertionsEnabled on Jdk 6 and exception on JDK 8
  • KT-28453 Mark anonymous classes for callable references as synthetic
  • KT-28598 Type is inferred incorrectly to Any on a deep generic type with out projection
  • KT-28654 No report about type mismatch inside a lambda in generic functions with a type parameter as a return type
  • KT-28670 Not null smartcasts on an intersection of nullable types don't work
  • KT-28718 progressive mode plus new inference result in different floating-point number comparisons
  • KT-28810 Suspend function's continuation parameter is missing from LVT
  • KT-28855 NoSuchMethodError with vararg of unsigned Int in generic class constructor
  • KT-28984 Exception when subtype of kotlin.Function is used as an expected one for lambda or callable reference
  • KT-28993 Incorrect behavior when two lambdas are passed outside a parenthesized argument list
  • KT-29144 Interface with companion object generates invalid bytecode in progressive mode
  • KT-29228 Intrinsify 'for' loop for unsigned integer ranges and progressions
  • KT-29324 Warnings indexing jdk 11 classes
  • KT-29367 New inference doesn't wrap annotated type from java to TypeWithEnhancement
  • KT-29507 @field-targeted annotation on property with both getter and setter is absent from bytecode
  • KT-29705 'Rewrite at slice CONSTRUCTOR` of JS class while editing another JVM-class
  • KT-29792 UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported annotation argument type when using Java annotation with infinity or NaN as a default value
  • KT-29891 Kotlin doesn't allow to use local class literals as annotation arguments
  • KT-29912 Crossinline nonsuspend lambda leads to KNPE during inlining
  • KT-29965 Don't generate annotation on $default method
  • KT-30030 Extensive 'Rewrite at slice'-exception with contracts in JS module of multiplatform project
  • KT-22043 Report an error when comparing enum (==/!=/when) to any other incompatible type since 1.4
  • KT-26150 KotlinFrontendException is thrown when callsInPlace called twice with different InvocationKind in functions with contracts
  • KT-26153 Contract is allowed when it's at the beginning in control flow terms, but not in tokens order terms (contract doesn't work)
  • KT-26191 Contract may not be the first statement if it's part of the expression
  • KT-29178 Prohibit arrays of reified type parameters in annotation arguments in local classes / anonymous objects
  • KT-20507 PROTECTED_CONSTRUCTOR_NOT_IN_SUPER_CALL not reported for generic base class constructor call, IAE at run-time
  • KT-20849 Inference results in Nothing type argument in case of passing 'out T' to 'in T1'
  • KT-28285 NullPointerException on calling Array constructor compiled via Excelsior JET
  • KT-29376 Report a deprecation warning when comparing enum to any other incompatible type
  • KT-29884 Report warning on @synchronized on inline method
  • KT-30073 ClassCastException on coroutine start with crossinline lambda
  • KT-30597 "Extend selection" throws exception in empty class body case
  • KT-29492 Double cross-inline of suspending functions produces incorrect code
  • KT-30508 Wrong file name in metadata of suspend function capturing crossinline lambda
  • KT-30679 "KotlinFrontEndException: Front-end Internal error: Failed to analyze declaration" exception during a compilation of a multiplatform project containing Kotlin Script File


New Features

  • KT-26950 Support Multiline TODO comments
  • KT-29034 Make JvmDeclarationSearch find private fields in kotlin classes

Performance Improvements

  • KT-29457 FindImplicitNothingAction#update freezes UI for 30 secs
  • KT-29551 CreateKotlinSdkActivity runs on UI thread


  • KT-11143 Do not insert closing brace for string template between open brace and identifier
  • KT-18503 Optimize imports produces red code
  • KT-27283 KotlinULiteralExpression and PsiLanguageInjectionHost mismatch
  • KT-27794 KotlinAnnotatedElementsSearcher doesn't process method parameters
  • KT-28272 UAST: Need to be able to identify SAM conversions
  • KT-28360 Getting tons of "There are 2 classes with same fqName" logs in IntelliJ
  • KT-28739 Bad caret position after Insert curly braces around variable inspection
  • KT-29013 Injection with interpolation loses suffix
  • KT-29025 Implement UReferenceExpression.referenceNameElement for Kotlin
  • KT-29287 Exception in ultra-light classes on method annotated with @throws
  • KT-29381 Highlight return lambda expressions when cursor is one the call with lambda argument
  • KT-29434 Can not detect injection host in string passed as argument into arrayOf() function
  • KT-29464 Project reopening does not create missing Kotlin SDK for Native modules (like it does for other non-JVM ones)
  • KT-29467 Maven/Gradle re-import does not add missing Kotlin SDK for kotlin2js modules (non-MPP JavaScript)
  • KT-29804 Probable error in the "Kotlin (Mobile Android/iOS)" new project template in IntelliJ
  • KT-30033 UAST: Delegation expression missing from parse tree
  • KT-30388 Disable constant exception reporting from release versions
  • KT-30524 "java.lang.IllegalStateException: This method shouldn't be invoked for LOCAL visibility" on add import
  • KT-30534 KotlinUObjectLiteralExpression returns classReference whose referenceNameElement is null
  • KT-30546 Kotlin UImportStatement's children references always resolve to null
  • KT-5435 Surround with try/catch should generate more Kotlin-style code

IDE. Android

  • KT-29847 Many IDEA plugins are not loaded in presence of Kotlin plugin: "Plugins should not have cyclic dependencies"

IDE. Code Style, Formatting

  • KT-23295 One-line comment indentation in functions with expression body
  • KT-28905 When is "... if long" hitting?
  • KT-29304 Settings / Code Style / Kotlin mentions "methods" instead of functions
  • KT-26954 Bad indentation for single function with expression body in new code style

IDE. Completion

  • KT-18663 Support "smart enter/complete statement" completion for method calls
  • KT-28394 Improve code completion for top level class/interface to incorporate filename
  • KT-29435 org.jetbrains.kotlin.types.TypeUtils.contains hanging forever and freezing IntelliJ
  • KT-27915 Stop auto-completing braces for companion objects

IDE. Debugger

  • KT-22250 Evaluate: 'this' shows different values when evaluated as a variable/watch
  • KT-24829 Access to coroutineContext in 'Evaluate expression'
  • KT-25220 Evaluator: a instance of Pair returned instead of String ("Extract function" failed)
  • KT-25222 Evaluate: ClassCastException: ObjectValue cannot be cast to IntValue ("Extract function" failed)
  • KT-26913 Change local variable name mangling ($receiver -> this_)
  • KT-28087 [Kotlin/JVM view] Inconsistent debugging data inside forEachIndexed
  • KT-28134 Separate JVM/Kotlin views in "Variables" tool window
  • KT-28192 Exception from KotlinEvaluator: cannot find local variable
  • KT-28680 Missing this word completion in "Evaluate expression" window
  • KT-28728 Async stack trace support for Kotlin coroutines
  • KT-21650 Debugger: Can't evaluate value, resolution error
  • KT-23828 Debugger: "Smart cast is impossible" when evaluating expression
  • KT-29661 Evaluate expression: "Cannot find local variable" for variable name escaped with backticks
  • KT-29814 Can't evaluate a property on star-projected type
  • KT-29871 Debugger in IDE does not handle correctly extensions.
  • KT-30182 Incorrect KT elvis expression debugger evaluation
  • KT-29189 [BE] 'Step Over' falls through 'return when' (and 'return if') instead of executing individual branches
  • KT-29234 ISE “@NotNull method org/jetbrains/kotlin/codegen/binding/CodegenBinding.anonymousClassForCallable must not return null” on debugging with breakpoints in Kotlin script file
  • KT-29423 Unable to evaluate lambdas on jdk 9-11
  • KT-30220 Empty variables view when breakpoint inside an lambda inside class
  • KT-30318 KotlinCoroutinesAsyncStackTraceProvider slows down java debugging
  • KT-17811 Couldn't inline method error for inline method with anonymous object initialization and reified type parameter
  • KT-30611 Debugger: in projects with stdlib of 1.2.n version Frames view can't complete loading, EvaluateException: "Method threw 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException' exception." at EvaluateExceptionUtil.createEvaluateException()

IDE. Decompiler

  • KT-9618 Exception in ClassClsStubBuilder.createNestedClassStub() while opening recent project
  • KT-29427 Exception in ClassClsStubBuilder.createNestedClassStub() for obfuscated library

IDE. Gradle

  • KT-26865 Gradle build in IDE: error messages in Native sources are not hyperlinks
  • KT-28515 Failed to import Kotlin project with gradle 5.0
  • KT-29564 causes idea to create kotlin modules with target JVM 1.6
  • KT-30076 Memory leaks in Kotlin import
  • KT-30379 Gradle 5.3 publishes an MPP with broken Maven scope mapping

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-27684 Gradle Kotlin DSL: the rootProject field is unresolved in IDEA for a common module
  • KT-29465 IndexNotReadyException on context menu invocation for build.gradle.kts file
  • KT-29707 "Navigate declaration" navigates to compiled class in gradle cache folder instead of classes defined in gradle buildSrc folder
  • KT-29832 Multiple Script Definitions for settings.gradle.kts
  • KT-30623 Errors in build.gradle.kts after applying new script dependencies
  • KT-29474 Regression in 1.3.20: Kotlin IDE plugin parses all *.gradle.kts files when any class in buildSrc is opened
  • KT-30130 “Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only.” from ScriptNewDependenciesNotificationKt.removeScriptDependenciesNotificationPanel() on creating foo.gradle.kts files in IJ from master

IDE. Hints

  • KT-29196 Variable type hints are redundant for constructor calls of nested classes
  • KT-30058 IndexNotReadyException from quick documentation when popup is active

IDE. Hints. Inlay

  • KT-19558 Wrong position of type hint while renaming Kotlin variable
  • KT-27438 "Show lambda return expression hints" breaks code indentation
  • KT-28870 Rework "Lambda return expression" hint as between_lines_hint of disable it by default

IDE. Hints. Parameter Info

  • KT-29574 Incorrect parameter info popup for lambda nested in object

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-16118 "Introduce import alias" intention
  • KT-17119 Inspection for (Scala-like) = { ... } syntax without expected type in function definition
  • KT-26128 Inspection for suspension inside synchronized and withLock functions
  • KT-27556 Add intention for collections, !collection.isEmpty() -> collection.isNotEmpty()
  • KT-27670 Add quick fix: wrap expression in a lambda if compatible functional type is required
  • KT-28803 Inspection: result of enum entries comparison is always false / true
  • KT-28953 Add intention to add underscores to decimal numerical literal
  • KT-29001 Add intention to move variable declaration before when-expression into when's subject
  • KT-29113 Warn about redundant requireNotNull and checkNotNull usages
  • KT-29321 "Remove empty primary constructor": apply for enum entries
  • KT-12134 Suggest to remove qualifier in FQN name
  • KT-17278 Inspection to replace Java 8 Map.forEach with Kotlin's forEach
  • KT-26965 Add inspection + quickfix for replacing Collection.count() with .size
  • KT-30123 Add intention to replace isEmpty/isNotEmpty method negation
  • KT-25272 Unused expression as last expression of normal function should have quickfix to add "return"
  • KT-30456 Improve: intention "Introduce Import Alias" should suggest new names for the new alias.


  • KT-7593 On splitting property declaration for functional expression additional bracket added
  • KT-12273 "Replace with operator" intention is suggested for some non-operator functions and produces invalid code
  • KT-18715 Replace if with elvis swallows comments
  • KT-19254 Intention to convert object literal to class always creates a class named "O"
  • KT-25501 "Replace overloaded operator with function call" changes semantics of increment and decrement operators
  • KT-26979 "Lambda argument inside parentheses" inspection is not reported, if function type is actual type argument, but not formal parameter type
  • KT-27143 Intention "Replace camel-case name with spaces" is suggested for snake_case names in test functions and renames them incorrectly
  • KT-28081 "Convert to lambda" changes expression type for interface with multiple supertypes
  • KT-28131 False positive "Redundant lambda arrow" with a functional type argument
  • KT-28224 "Add braces to 'else' statement" moves comment outside braces when 'if-else' is inside 'if / when' branch
  • KT-28592 False positive "Remove redundant backticks" for underscore variable name
  • KT-28596 "Can be replaced with binary operator" shouldn't be suggested when receiver or argument is floating point type
  • KT-28641 "Remove useless cast" produces a dangling lambda ("Too many arguments" error)
  • KT-28698 "Convert to apply" intention: include function calls with this passed as an argument
  • KT-28773 Kotlin/JS: Wrong inspection to replace .equals() with == on dynamic values
  • KT-28851 'Convert parameter to receiver' adds Array<out T> wrapper to vararg parameter and drops override modifier in implementations
  • KT-28969 TYPE_MISMATCH in array vs non-array case: two quick fixes exist for annotation and none of them adds array literal
  • KT-28995 "Add parameter to constructor" quickfix for first enum member changes arguments for all members
  • KT-29051 "Add parameter to constructor" quickfix for not-first enum member: "PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.KtStringTemplateExpression #kotlin because: different providers"
  • KT-29052 "Add parameter to constructor" quickfix for not-first enum member inserts FQN type for parameter
  • KT-29056 KNPE in ConvertPrimaryConstructorToSecondary with missing property identifier
  • KT-29085 False positive "Class member can have 'private' visibility" for a const val used in a public inline function
  • KT-29093 False positive inspection "Redundant lambda arrow" with nested lambdas
  • KT-29099 "Convert to apply" intention is not available for a single function call
  • KT-29128 False positive 'Explicitly given type is redundant here' when typealias is used
  • KT-29153 False negative "'rangeTo' or the '..' call should be replaced with 'until'" with bracketed expressions
  • KT-29193 Quick fix "Create extension function" List<Int>.set should not be suggested for read-only collections
  • KT-29238 Non-canonical modifiers order inspection incorrectly includes annotations into range
  • KT-29248 "Convert member to extension" doesn't preserve visibility
  • KT-29416 False positive "Redundant property getter" for external getter
  • KT-29469 False positive in "Boolean literal argument without parameter name" inspection for varargs parameters
  • KT-29549 Make package name convention inspection global
  • KT-29567 "Remove empty class body" is a poor name for inspection text
  • KT-29606 Do not propose to remove unused parameter of property setter
  • KT-29763 False negative "Object literal can be converted to lambda" for block body function with explicit return
  • KT-30007 False negative "Add import for '...'" in UserType
  • KT-19944 multiplatform: Convert expect/actual function to property should keep the caret on the converted function
  • KT-27289 "Create" quick fix on FQN does nothing with KNPE at KotlinRefactoringUtilKt$chooseContainerElement$1.renderText()
  • KT-29312 "Make constructor parameter a property" produces wrong modifier order + exception "Invalid range specified"
  • KT-29414 "Main parameter is not necessary" inspection reports parameter of main() in object
  • KT-29499 "Unsafe call of inline function with nullable extension receiver" inspection ignores inferred nullability
  • KT-29927 Missing "Import members from" intention with type check operator in when branch
  • KT-30010 Introduce alternative quick-fixes for map[key]!!
  • KT-30166 False positive "Redundant companion reference" on companion with the outer class name
  • KT-14886 Create Property from Usage should place generated property next to other properties
  • KT-16139 Adding explicit type argument leads to type mismatch
  • KT-19462 False positive inspection "Redundant lambda arrow" for overloaded functions
  • KT-22137 Create class quickfix is not suggested in return statement
  • KT-23259 False positive unchecked cast warning/quickfix result in good code turning red
  • KT-27641 "Specify type explicitly" suggests too general type even when type hint shows specific generic type
  • KT-29124 False positive inspection 'Redundant lambda arrow' with generic function/constructor with lambda argument
  • KT-29590 False positive inspection "Redundant lambda arrow" with vararg lambda arguments passed via spread operator
  • KT-29977 False positive "Unused import directive" for typealias of an enum imported as static
  • KT-30233 Change order of the quick fixes when method does not accept nullable types
  • KT-30341 False positive 'Use withIndex() instead of manual index increment' inspection with destructive declaration in 'for' loop
  • KT-30414 "Replace return with 'if' expression" drops return label
  • KT-30426 Don't preserve extra line when adding remaining branches for when
  • KT-30433 "Convert member to extension" doesn't update external Kotlin calls
  • KT-30117 Kotlin unused import analysis accesses file editor manager model outside UI thread
  • KT-29143 Unnecessary primary constructor keyword inspection
  • KT-29444 "Make public" intention does not remove additional white-space to conform to proper style
  • KT-30337 Do not propose to move variable declaration into "when" if it's not used inside the when-expression

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-29918 Outdated Ktor version in Kotlin (JS Client/JVM Server) multiplatform project generated via New Project Wizard

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-26924 Overriding Methods list has more values than it should be in case of inline class
  • KT-28661 "Is implemented in" gutter icon shows duplicate function implementations in inline classes
  • KT-28838 Group by file structure doesn't work for text search in Kotlin

IDE. Refactorings

  • KT-27602 Kotlin property renaming change target name several times during rename making it hard to process it by reference handlers
  • KT-29062 Extract Superclass refactoring throws Exception if sourceRoots.size() <= 1
  • KT-29796 Label rename refactoring does not work on label usage

IDE. Scratch

  • KT-23985 Allow to run Kotlin Worksheet without module classpath
  • KT-27955 Interactive mode for Kotlin Scratch files
  • KT-28958 Exception "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only" when running a scratch file with "Use REPL" and "Make before Run" enabled
  • KT-30200 "java.lang.Throwable: Couldn't find expression with start line ..." on edition of a scratch file during its execution with interactive mode enabled

IDE. Script

  • KT-29770 IntelliJ IDEA makes too many requests for the classpath of a Gradle Kotlin build script
  • KT-29893 IDE is frozen during project configuration because of ScriptTemplatesFromDependenciesProvider
  • KT-30146 Preferences from Kotlin scripting section reset to default after project reopening

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-25956 With failed test function class gutter icon is "failure", but function icon is "success"

IDE. Wizards

  • KT-17829 Please unify naming of Kotlin projects and frameworks for JVM
  • KT-28941 Tip of the day: obsolete project types from "New project wizard"


  • KT-27108 .toDouble() and .toFloat() conversions for unsigned types
  • KT-29520 Random.Default cannot be used asJavaRandom
  • KT-30109 Documentation for Result.onSuccess and Result.onFailure are flipped around
  • KT-26378 'contains' overloads for unsigned integer ranges with other unsigned integer types
  • KT-26410 High-order function overloads for unsigned arrays
  • KT-27262 Binary search for specialized arrays of unsigned integers
  • KT-28339 Add fill extension function for unsigned primitive arrays
  • KT-28397 UByteArray plus UByteArray = List
  • KT-28779 Implement method sum() for arrays of unsigned primitives
  • KT-29151 Documentation for CharSequence.take() & String.take() shows examples of Iterable.take()
  • KT-30035 add max/maxOf/min/minOf for unsigned types
  • KT-30051 elementAt extension function of Array/PrimitiveAray/UnsignedArray does not throw IndexOutOfBoundException on incorrect index (JS only)
  • KT-30141 JS: document Array.get behavior
  • KT-30704 Documentation of Random function not quite correct

Tools. CLI

  • KT-26240 Support JVM bytecode targets 9, 10, 11, 12

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-12295 Gradle IC: Compile error leads to non-incremental build
  • KT-12700 Add a way to diagnose IC problems
  • KT-26275 Check new MPP IC
  • KT-27885 Drop support for Gradle 3.x and earlier
  • KT-27886 Drop support for Android Gradle plugin 2.x
  • KT-28552 Gradle 4.7 import fails on Kotlin/mpp projects with Java11
  • KT-29275 Drop support for Gradle 4.0
  • KT-29758 Gradle build failed with exception on publication of a multiplatform library with Gradle metadata enabled: org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.plugin.mpp.HierarchyAttributeContainer cannot be cast to org.gradle.api.internal.attributes.AttributeContainerInternal
  • KT-29966 Fix inter-project IC with new MPP for JS/JVM targets
  • KT-27059 Ensure a dependency on the multiplatform project in the POM when publishing a single-platform module with the maven plugin
  • KT-29971 ConcurrentModificationException in Kotlin Gradle plugin (GradleCompilerRunner.buildModulesInfo)
  • KT-21030 Automatically detect java 1.8 sources in kotlin-android gradle plugin
  • KT-27675 Enable Kapt build cache by default
  • KT-27714 Kotlin MPP Android targets don't have their attributes copied to the configurations of the compilations
  • KT-29761 Inter-project IC does not work for kaptGenerateStubs* tasks on Android
  • KT-29823 Update 'org.gradle.usage' attribute rules to support the 'JAVA_API_JARS' value
  • KT-29964 A universal Gradle DSL way of configuring all compilations of all targets doesn't work for Android target of a multiplatform project
  • KT-30276 Warn if the Kotlin Gradle plugin is loaded multiple times
  • KT-30322 Memory leak in CompilationSourceSetUtil
  • KT-30492 Classes not removed for out/in process compilation

Tools. J2K

Tools. JPS

  • KT-30137 Deadlock during concurrent classloading

Tools. Maven

  • KT-29251 NSME: MavenProjectsManager.scheduleArtifactsDownloading() at KotlinMavenImporter.scheduleDownloadStdlibSources()

Tools. REPL

  • KT-19276 Console spam when opening idea-community project in debug IDEA

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-29296 Script evaluation - impossible to set base classloader to null
  • KT-27051 Support dynamic versions in @file:DependsOn
  • KT-27815 Compiler options in the scripting compilation configuration are ignored on compilation/evaluation
  • KT-28593 Idea tries to associate file type with the script definition discovery file
  • KT-29319 scripts default jvmTarget causes inlining problems - default should be 1.8
  • KT-29741 KJvmCompiledScript can not be deserialized KJvmCompiledModule if it's null
  • KT-30210 Coroutines in main.kts crash with NoSuchMethodError because kotlin-main-kts.jar has embedded coroutines

Tools. kapt

  • KT-26977 kapt plugin applied in platform.jvm module preventing visibility of common code
  • KT-27506 Kapt error "no interface expected here" in class implementing interface with secondary constructor
  • KT-28220 kapt can generate invalid stub files for imports of enum constants
  • KT-28306 Cannot extend an generic interface with function body while using kapt and correctErrorTypes in Kotlin 1.3
  • KT-23880 Kapt: Support incremental annotation processors
  • KT-29302 Java classes doesn't resolve Kotlin classes when kapt.use.worker.api = true
  • KT-30163 Kapt: Javadoc in Java source model mangled (leading asterisks are preserved)

Previous releases

This release also includes the fixes and improvements from the previous releases.

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