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@yanex yanex released this Mar 3, 2020 · 204 commits to 1.3.70 since this release


The release contents the JVM version of the Kotlin compiler, and also the Kotlin/Native compiler for the supported platforms: Linux, macOS and Windows.



New Features

  • KT-34648 Support custom messages for @RequiresOptIn-marked annotations

Performance Improvements

  • KT-14513 Suboptimal compilation of lazy delegated properties with inline getValue


  • KT-19234 Improve "Supertypes of the following classes cannot be resolved" diagnostic
  • KT-21178 Prohibit access of protected members inside public inline members
  • KT-24461 Expect interface with suspend function with default arguments causes runtime error
  • KT-25514 Support usage of function reference with vararg where function of array is expected in new inference
  • KT-26435 Bad frame merge after inline
  • KT-27825 Gradually prohibit non-abstract classes containing abstract members invisible from that classes (internal/package-private)
  • KT-27999 Generic type is fixed too early for lambda arguments
  • KT-28940 Concurrency issue for lazy values with the post-computation phase
  • KT-29242 Conditional with generic type Nothing inside inline function throws java.lang.VerifyError: Bad return type
  • KT-30244 Unable to infer common return type for two postponed arguments
  • KT-30245 Wrong type is inferred for lambda if it has expected type with an extension receiver
  • KT-30277 Relax the "no reflection found in class path" warning for KType and related API
  • KT-30744 Invoking Interface Static Method from Extension method generates incorrect jvm bytecode
  • KT-30953 Missing unresolved if callable reference is used in the place in which common super type is computing
  • KT-31227 Prohibit using array based on non-reified type parameters as reified type arguments on JVM
  • KT-31242 "Can't find enclosing method" proguard compilation exception with inline and crossinline
  • KT-31411 Support mode of compiler where it analyses source-set as platform one, but produces only metadata for that specific source-set
  • KT-31653 Incorrect transformation of the try-catch cover when inlining
  • KT-31923 Outer finally block inserted before return instruction is not excluded from catch interval of inner try (without finally) block
  • KT-31975 No diagnostic on error type
  • KT-32106 New type inference: IDE shows error but the code compiles succesfully
  • KT-32138 New type inference: Invoking type-aliased extension function red in IDE, but compiles
  • KT-32168 Problem in IDE with new type inference and delegate provider
  • KT-32243 New type inference: Type mistmatch in collection type usage
  • KT-32345 New type inference: Error when using helper method to create delegate provider
  • KT-32372 Type inference errors in IDE
  • KT-32415 Type mismatch on argument of super constructor of inner class call
  • KT-32423 New type inference: IllegalStateException: Error type encountered: org.jetbrains.kotlin.types.ErrorUtils$UninferredParameterTypeConstructor@211a538e (ErrorType)
  • KT-32435 New inference preserves platform types while old inference can substitute them with the nullable result type
  • KT-32456 New type inference: "IllegalStateException: Error type encountered" when adding emptyList to mutableList
  • KT-32499 Kotlin/JS 1.3.40 - new type inference with toTypedArray() failure
  • KT-32742 Gradle/JS "Unresolved Reference" when accessing setting field of Dynamic object w/ React
  • KT-32818 Type inference failed with elvis operator
  • KT-32862 New type inference: Compilation error "IllegalArgumentException: ClassicTypeSystemContextForCS couldn't handle" with overloaded generic extension function reference passed as parameter
  • KT-33033 New type inference: Nothing incorrectly inferred as return type when null passed to generic function with expression if statement body
  • KT-33197 Expression with branch resolving to List<…> ultimately resolves to MutableList<…>
  • KT-33263 "IllegalStateException: Type variable TypeVariable(T) should not be fixed!" with generic extension function and in variance
  • KT-33542 Compilation failed with "AssertionError: Suspend functions may be called either as suspension points or from another suspend function"
  • KT-33544 "UnsupportedOperationException: no descriptor for type constructor of TypeVariable(R)?" with BuilderInference and elvis operator
  • KT-33592 New type inference: Missed error in IDE — Unsupported [Collection literals outside of annotations]
  • KT-33932 Compiler fails when it encounters inaccessible classes in javac integration mode
  • KT-34029 StackOverflowError for access to nested object inheriting from containing generic class at org.jetbrains.kotlin.descriptors.impl.LazySubstitutingClassDescriptor.getTypeConstructor
  • KT-34060 UNUSED_PARAMETER is not reported on unused parameters of non-operator getValue/setValue/prodiveDelegate functions
  • KT-34282 Missing diagnostic of unresolved for callable references with overload resolution ambiguity
  • KT-34391 New type inference: False negative EXPERIMENTAL_API_USAGE_ERROR with callable reference
  • KT-34395 KtWhenConditionInRange.isNegated() doesn't work
  • KT-34500 CompilationException when loop range is DoubleArray and loop parameter is casted to super-type (e.g. Any, Number, etc.)
  • KT-34647 Gradually rename experimentality annotations
  • KT-34649 Deprecate -Xexperimental flag
  • KT-34743 Support trailing comma in the compiler
  • KT-34779 JVM: "get()" is not invoked in optimized "for" loop over CharSequence.withIndex() with unused variable ("_") for the element in destructuring declaration
  • KT-34786 Flaky type inference for lambda expressions
  • KT-34820 New type inference: Red code when expanding type-aliased extension function in LHS position of elvis
  • KT-34888 Kotlin REPL ignores compilation errors in class declaration
  • KT-35035 Incorrect state-machine generated for suspend lambda inside inline lambda
  • KT-35101 "AssertionError: Mapping ranges should be presented in inline lambda" with a callable reference argument to inline lambda
  • KT-35168 New type inference: "UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property subResolvedAtoms has not been initialized"
  • KT-35172 New type inference: False positive type mismatch if nullable type after elvis and safe call inside lambda is returning (expected type is specified explicitly)
  • KT-35224 New type inference: Java call candidate with varargs as Array isn't present if SAM type was used in this call
  • KT-35262 Suspend function with Unit return type returns non-unit value if it is derived from function with non-unit return type
  • KT-35426 IncompatibleClassChangeError: Method 'int java.lang.Object.hashCode()' must be Methodref constant when invoking on super with explicit generic type
  • KT-35843 Emit type annotations in JVM bytecode with target 1.8+ on basic constructions
  • KT-36297 New type inference: ClassNotFoundException: compiler emits reference to nonexisting class for code with nested inline lambdas
  • KT-36719 Enable new inference in IDE since 1.3.70

Docs & Examples

  • KT-31118 Provide missing documentation for StringBuilder members


New Features

  • KT-27496 Color Scheme: allow changing style for suspend function calls
  • KT-30806 Add IntelliJ Color Scheme rules for property declarations
  • KT-34303 IDE should suggest to import an extension iterator function when using for loop with a range
  • KT-34567 Feature: Auto add val keyword on typing data/inline class ctor parameters
  • KT-34667 Add auto-import quickfix for overloaded generic function

Performance Improvements

  • KT-30726 Editor is laggy if the code below a current line has unresolved reference
  • KT-30863 IDE freeze on editing with "Add unambiguous imports on the fly" turned on
  • KT-32868 Provide incremental analysis of file when it is applicable
  • KT-33250 KtLightClassForSourceDeclaration.isFinal() can be very slow (with implications for class inheritor search)
  • KT-33905 Optimize imports under reasonable progress
  • KT-33939 Copy action leads to freezes
  • KT-34956 UI Freeze: PlainTextPasteImportResolver
  • KT-35121 Add support for KtSecondaryConstructors into incremental analysis
  • KT-35189 Support incremental analysis of comment and kdoc
  • KT-35590 UI freeze in kotlin.idea.core.script.ScriptConfigurationMemoryCache when editing file


  • KT-10478 Move-statement doesn't work for methods with single-expression body and lambda as returning type
  • KT-13344 Reduce visual distraction of val keyword
  • KT-14758 Move statement up shouldn't move top level declarations above package and import directives
  • KT-23305 We should be able to see platform-specific errors in common module
  • KT-24399 No scrollbar in Kotlin compiler settings
  • KT-27806 UAST: @deprecated(level=DeprecationLevel.HIDDEN) makes method disappear
  • KT-28708 Java IDE fails to understand @JvmDefault on properties from binaries
  • KT-30489 Kotlin functions are represented in UAST as UAnnotationMethods
  • KT-31037 Lambda expression default parameter 'it' sometimes is not highlighted in a call chain
  • KT-31365 IDE does not resolve references to stdlib symbols in certain packages (kotlin.jvm) when using OSGi bundle
  • KT-32031 UAST: Method body missing for suspend functions
  • KT-32540 Ultra light class support for compiler plugins
  • KT-33820 Stop using com.intellij.codeInsight.AnnotationUtil#isJetbrainsAnnotation
  • KT-33846 Stop using com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.BulkFileListener.Adapter
  • KT-33888 Bad indentation when copy-paste to trimIndent()
  • KT-34081 Kotlin constants used in Java annotation attributes trigger "Attribute value must be constant" error
  • KT-34316 UAST: reified methods no longer visible in UAST
  • KT-34337 Descriptors Leak in UltraLightClasses
  • KT-34379 "Implement members" with unspecified type argument: "AssertionError: 2 declarations in override fun"
  • KT-34785 Enter handler: do not add 'trimIndent()' in const
  • KT-34914 Analysis sometimes isn't rerun until an out of code block change
  • KT-35222 SQL language is not injected to String array attribute of Java annotation
  • KT-35266 Kotlin-specific setting "Optimize imports on the fly" is useless
  • KT-35454 Weird implementation of KtUltraLightFieldImpl.isEquivalentTo
  • KT-35673 ClassCastException on destructuring declaration with annotation
  • KT-36008 IDEA 201: NSME: "com.intellij.openapi.progress.util.ProgressIndicatorUtils.awaitWithCheckCanceled(Future)" at org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.util.ProgressIndicatorUtils.awaitWithCheckCanceled()

IDE. Code Style, Formatting

New Features

  • KT-35088 Insert empty line between a declaration and declaration with comment
  • KT-35106 Insert empty line between a declaration and declaration with annotation


  • KT-4194 Code formatter should not move end of line comment after if condition to the next line
  • KT-12490 Formatter inserts empty line between single-line declarations in presence of comment
  • KT-22273 Labeled statements are formatted incorrectly
  • KT-22362 Formatter breaks up infix function used in elvis operator
  • KT-23811 Formatter: Constructor parameters are joined with previous line if prefixed with an annotation
  • KT-23929 Formatter: chained method calls: "Chop down if long" setting is ignored
  • KT-23957 Formatter tears comments away from file annotations
  • KT-30393 Remove unnecessary whitespaces between property accessor and its parameter list in formatter
  • KT-31881 Redundant indent for single-line comments inside lamdba
  • KT-32277 Space before by delegate keyword on property is not formatted
  • KT-32324 Formatter doesn't insert space after safe cast operator as?
  • KT-33553 Formater does not wrap function chained expression body despite "chained function calls" settings
  • KT-34049 Formatter breaks string inside template expression with elvis operator
  • KT-35093 Formatter inserts empty line between single-line declarations in presence of annotation
  • KT-35199 Wrong formatting for lambdas in chain calls

IDE. Completion


  • KT-15286 Support import auto-completion for extension functions declared in objects
  • KT-23026 Code completion: Incorrect const in class declaration line
  • KT-23834 Code completion and auto import do not suggest extension that differs from member only in type parameter
  • KT-25732 null keyword should have priority in completion sort
  • KT-29840 const is suggested inside the class body, despite it's illegal
  • KT-29926 Suggest lambda parameter names in IDE to improve DSL adoption
  • KT-31762 Completion: Parameter name is suggested instead of enum entry in entry constructor
  • KT-32615 PIEAE for smart completion of anonymous function with importing name inside of function
  • KT-33979 No completion for functions from nested objects
  • KT-34150 No completion for object methods that override something
  • KT-34386 Typo in Kotlin arg postfix completion
  • KT-34414 Completion works differently for suspend and regular lambda functions
  • KT-34644 Code completion list sorting: do not put method before "return" keyword
  • KT-35042 Selecting completion variant works differently for suspend and regular lambda parameter
  • KT-36306 Code completion inlines content of FQN class if completion called in string

IDE. Debugger


  • KT-12242 Breakpoint in a class is not hit if the class was first accessed in Evaluate Expression
  • KT-16277 Can't set breakpoint for object construction
  • KT-20342 Step Over jumps to wrong position (KotlinUFile)
  • KT-30909 "Kotlin variables" button looks inconsistent with panel style
  • KT-32704 ISE "Descriptor can be left only if it is last" on calling function with expression body inside Evaluate Expression window
  • KT-32736 Evaluate Expression on statement makes error or shows nothing
  • KT-32741 "Anonymous functions with names are prohibited" on evaluating functions in Expression mode
  • KT-33303 "Smart step into" doesn't work for library declarations
  • KT-33304 Can't put a breakpoint to the first line in file
  • KT-33728 Smart Step Into doesn't work for @InlineOnly functions
  • KT-35316 IndexNotReadyException on function breakpoint

IDE. Folding

  • KT-6316 Folding of multiline functions which don't have curly braces (expression-body functions)

IDE. Gradle Integration

  • KT-35442 KotlinMPPGradleModelBuilder shows warnings on import because it can't find a not existing directory

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-31976 Adding a space in build.gradle.kts leads to 'Gradle projects need to be imported' notification
  • KT-34441 *.gradle.kts: load all scripts configuration at project import
  • KT-34442 *.gradle.kts: avoid just-in-case script configuration request to Gradle
  • KT-34530 Equal duplicate script definitions are listed three times in Preferences
  • KT-34740 Implement completion for implicit receivers in scripts with new scripting API
  • KT-34795 Gradle Kotlin DSL new project template: don't use setUrl syntax in settings.gradle.kts pluginManagement block
  • KT-35096 Duplicated “Kotlin Script” definition for Gradle/Kotlin projects
  • KT-35149 build.graldle.kts settings importing: configuration for buildSrc/prepare-deps/build.gradle.kts not loaded
  • KT-35205 *.gradle.kts: avoid just-in-case script configuration request to Gradle while loading from FS
  • KT-35563 Track script modifications between IDE restarts

IDE. Hints. Parameter Info

  • KT-34992 UI Freeze: Show parameter info leads to freezes

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-8478 Make 'Add parameter to function' quick fix work to parameters other than last
  • KT-12073 Report IDE inspection warning on pointless unary operators on numbers
  • KT-18536 Provide proper quick fix for accidental override error
  • KT-34218 Merge 'else if' intention
  • KT-36018 'Missing visibility' and 'missing explicit return type' compiler and IDE diagnostics for explicit API mode


  • KT-17659 Cannot access internal Kotlin declaration from Java test code within the same module
  • KT-25271 "Remove redundant '.let' call" may introduce expression side effects several times
  • KT-29737 "Make internal/private/protected" intention works for either expect or actual side
  • KT-31967 Typo in inspection name: "'+=' create new list under the hood"
  • KT-32582 Ambiguous message for [AMBIGUOUS_ACTUALS] error (master)
  • KT-33109 "Add constructor parameters" quick fix should add default parameters from super class
  • KT-33123 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with inner class as constructor parameter for outer
  • KT-33297 Improve parameter name in Add parameter to constructor quick fix
  • KT-33526 False positive "Redundant qualifier name" with enum constant initialized with companion object field
  • KT-33580 False positive "Redundant visibility modifier" overriding property with protected set visibility
  • KT-33771 False positive "Redundant Companion reference" with Java synthetic property and same-named object property
  • KT-33796 INVISIBLE_SETTER: quick fix "Make '' public" does not remove redundant setter
  • KT-33902 False positive for "Remove explicit type specification" with type alias as return type
  • KT-33933 "Create expect" quick fix generates the declaration in a default source set even if an alternative is chosen
  • KT-34078 ReplaceWith does not work if replacement is fun in companion object
  • KT-34297 "Add 'replaceWith' argument" inserts positional instead of named argument
  • KT-34325 "Control flow with empty body" inspection should not report ifs with comments
  • KT-34411 Create expect/actual quick fix: focus is lost in the editor (193 IDEA)
  • KT-34432 Replace with safe call intention inserts redundant elvis operator
  • KT-34603 "Remove redundant '.let' call" false negative for reference expression
  • KT-34694 "Terminate preceding call with semicolon" breaks lambda formatting
  • KT-34784 "Indent raw string" intention: do not suggest in const
  • KT-34894 Action "Add not-null asserted (!!) call" doesn't fix error for properties with omitted this
  • KT-35022 Quickfix "change to var" doesn't remove const modifier
  • KT-35208 NPE from PerModulePackageCacheService
  • KT-35242 Text-range based inspection range shifts wrongly due to incremental analysis of whitespace and comments
  • KT-35288 False positive "Remove braces from 'when' entry" in 'when' expression which returns lambda
  • KT-35837 Editing Introduce import alias does not affect KDoc
  • KT-36020 Intention 'Add public modifier' is not available for highlighted declaration in explicit api mode
  • KT-36021 KDoc shouldn't be highlighted on 'visibility must be specified' warning in explicit api mode
  • KT-36307 False positive "Remove redundant '.let' call" for nested lambda change scope reference

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-33321 In IDE, actuals of intermediate test source set are incorrectly matched against parent main source-set (not test one)

IDE. Navigation

  • KT-30736 References for import alias from kotlin library not found using
  • KT-35310 PIEAE: "During querying provider Icon preview" at ClsJavaCodeReferenceElementImpl.multiResolve() on navigation to Kotlin declaration

IDE. Refactorings

Performance Improvements

  • KT-24122 Long pauses with "removing redundant imports" dialog on rename refactoring for IDEA Kotlin Plugin


  • KT-18191 Refactor / Copy multiple files/classes: package statements are not updated
  • KT-18539 Default implement fun/property text shouldn't contain scary comment
  • KT-28607 Extract/Introduce variable fails if caret is just after expression
  • KT-32514 Moving file in with 'search for references' inlines contents in referred source code
  • KT-32601 Introduce variable in unformatted lambda causes PIEAE
  • KT-32999 Renaming parameter does not rename usage in named argument in a different file
  • KT-33372 Rename resource cause its content to be replaced
  • KT-34415 Refactor > Change signature of an overridden actual function from a platform class: "org.jetbrains.kotlin.descriptors.InvalidModuleException: Accessing invalid module descriptor"
  • KT-34419 Refactor > Change signature > add a function parameter: "org.jetbrains.kotlin.descriptors.InvalidModuleException: Accessing invalid module descriptor"
  • KT-34459 Change method signature with unresolved lambda type leads to error
  • KT-34971 Refactor / Copy for declarations from different sources throws IAE: "unexpected element" at CopyFilesOrDirectoriesHandler.getCommonParentDirectory()
  • KT-35689 Change Signature: "InvalidModuleException: Accessing invalid module descriptor" on attempt to change receiver type of a member abstract function
  • KT-35903 Change Signature refactoring crashes by InvalidModuleException on simplest examples

IDE. Run Configurations

  • KT-34632 Kotlin/JS: Can not run single test method
  • KT-35038 Running a test in a multi-module MPP project via IntelliJ Idea gutter action produces incorrect Gradle Run configuration

IDE. Script

  • KT-34688 Many "scanning dependencies for script definitions progresses at the same time
  • KT-35886 UI Freeze: ScriptClassRootsCache.hasNotCachedRoots 25 seconds

IDE. Tests Support

  • KT-33787 IDE tests: Not able to run single test using JUnit

IDE. Wizards

New Features

  • KT-36043 Gradle, JS: Add continuous-mode run configuration in New Project Wizard templates


  • KT-35584 New Project wizard: module names restrictions are too strong with no reason
  • KT-35690 New Project wizard: artifact and group fields are mixed up
  • KT-35694 New Project wizard creates settings.gradle.kts even for Groovy DSL
  • KT-35695 New Project wizard uses kotlin () call for dependencies in non-MPP Groovy-DSL JVM project
  • KT-35710 New Project wizard creates non-Java source/resource roots for Kotlin/JVM JPS
  • KT-35711 New Project wizard: Maven: "Kotlin Test framework" template adds wrong dependency
  • KT-35712 New Project wizard: source root templates: switching focus from root reverts custom settings to default
  • KT-35713 New Project wizard: custom settings for project name, artifact and group ID are reverted to default on Previous/Next
  • KT-35715 New Project wizard: Maven: custom repository required for template (ktor) is not added to pom.xml
  • KT-35718 New Project wizard: Gradle: ktor: not existing repository is added
  • KT-35719 New Project wizard: Multiplatform library: entryPoint specifies not existing class name
  • KT-35720 New Project wizard: Multiplatform library: Groovy DSL: improve the script for nativeTarget calculation

JS. Tools

  • KT-35198 Kotlin/JS: with references to NPM/.kjsm library DCE produces invalid resulting JavaScript
  • KT-36349 KJS: JS DCE use file's timestamps to compare files. It conflicts with gradle configuration 'preserveFileTimestamps = false'.


  • KT-30517 KJS generates wrong call for secondary constructor w/ default argument when class inherited by object expression
  • KT-33149 Lambda is not a subtype of Function<*>
  • KT-33327 JS IR backend works incorrectly when function and property have the same name
  • KT-33334 JS IR backend can't access private var from internal inline function


New Features

  • KT-7657 scan() functions for Sequences and Iterable
  • KT-15363 Builder functions for basic containers
  • KT-21327 Add Deque & ArrayDeque to Kotlin standard library
  • KT-33069 StringBuilder common functions
  • KT-33761 reduceOrNull: reduce that doesn't throw on empty input
  • KT-35347 Create method Collection.randomOrNull()
  • KT-36118 Provide API for subtyping relationship between CoroutineContextKey and elements associated with this key


  • KT-17544 JS: document array destructuring behavior
  • KT-33141 UnderMigration annotation is defined in Kotlin, but supposed to be used from Java
  • KT-33447 runCatching docs suggests it catches exceptions but it catches throwables
  • KT-35175 Clarify documentation for XorWowRandom
  • KT-35299 Float.rangeTo(Float): ClosedFloatingPointRange doesn't exist in the common stdlib.


  • KT-14720 Move KClass.cast / KClass.isInstance into kotlin-stdlib
  • KT-33646 Make KClass.simpleName available on JVM without kotlin-reflect.jar
  • KT-34586 Make KClass.qualifiedName available on JVM without kotlin-reflect.jar

Tools. CLI

  • KT-29933 Support relative paths in -Xfriend-paths
  • KT-34119 Add JVM target bytecode version 13
  • KT-34240 CLI kotlinc help -include-runtime has redundant space

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-25206 Delegate build/run to gradle results regularly in cannot delete
  • KT-35181 Make kapt Gradle tasks compatible with instant execution

Tools. Gradle. JS

New Features

  • KT-30659 Run NodeJS debugger when running debug gradle task from IDEA
  • KT-32129 Karma: support debugging
  • KT-32179 DSL: allow npm in root dependencies section of single platform projects
  • KT-32283 Webpack: Allow to configure Webpack mode
  • KT-32323 Webpack: support optimized webpack bundle
  • KT-32785 Webpack: Asset bundling in distributions folder


  • KT-30917 Tests: Inner classes mapped incorrectly in short test fail message
  • KT-31894 ithout Kotlin sources browserRun makes the build fail
  • KT-34946 DCE require some/all transitive dependencies. Invalid compilation result otherwise
  • KT-35318 IllegalStateException on clean build with left-pad package and generateKotlinExternals=true
  • KT-35428 Gradle dependency with invalid package.json
  • KT-35598 Actualize NPM dependencies in 1.3.70
  • KT-35599 Actualize Node and Yarn versions in 1.3.70
  • KT-36714 Webpack output doesn't consider Kotlin/JS exports (library mode)

Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform

  • KT-31570 Deprecate Kotlin 1.2.x MPP Gradle plugins
  • KT-35126 Support Gradle instant execution for Kotlin/JVM and Android tasks
  • KT-36469 Dependencies with compileOnly scope are not visible in Gradle build of MPP with source set hierarchies support

Tools. Gradle. Native

  • KT-29395 Allow setting custom destination directory for Kotlin/Native binaries
  • KT-31542 Allow changing a name of a framework created by CocoaPods Gradle plugin
  • KT-32750 Support subspecs in CocoaPods plugin
  • KT-35352 MPP Gradle plugin: Support exporting K/N dependencies to shared and static libraries
  • KT-35934 Gradle MPP plugin: Spaces are not escaped in K/N compiler parameters
  • KT-35958 Kotlin/Native: Gradle: compiling test sources with no sources in main roots halts the Gradle daemon

Tools. J2K

New Features

  • KT-21811 Convert string concatenation into multiline string

Performance Improvements

  • KT-16774 UI Freeze: J2K, PlainTextPasteImportResolve: IDEA freezes for 10+ seconds when copy-pasting Java code from external source to Kotlin file


  • KT-18001 Multi-line comments parsed inside Kdoc comments
  • KT-19574 Code with inferred default parameters and parameter vs property name clashes
  • KT-32551 Non-canonical modifiers order inspection is not applied during convertion of inner super class
  • KT-33637 Property with getter is converted into incompailable code if backing field was not generated
  • KT-34673 First comment in function (if, for, while) block is moved to declaration line of block
  • KT-35081 Invalid code with block comment (Javadoc)
  • KT-35152 J2K breaks formatting by moving subsequent single line comments to first column
  • KT-35395 UninitializedPropertyAccessException through org.jetbrains.kotlin.nj2k.conversions.ImplicitCastsConversion when anonymous inner class passes itself as argument to outer method
  • KT-35431 "Invalid PSI class com.intellij.psi.PsiLambdaParameterType" with lambda argument in erroneous code
  • KT-35476 Expression with compound assignment logical operator is changing operator precedence without parentheses
  • KT-35478 Single line comment before constructor results in wrong code
  • KT-35739 Line break is not inserted for private property getter
  • KT-35831 Error on inserting plain text with \r char

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-34274 Add support for @CompilerOptions annotation in kotlin-main-kts
  • KT-34716 Implement default cache in main-kts
  • KT-34893 Update apache ivy version in kotlin-main-kts
  • KT-35413 Implement "evaluate expression" command line parameter and functionality in the JVM cli compiler
  • KT-35415 Implement script and expression evaluation in the kotlin runner
  • KT-35416 load main-kts script definition by default in the jvm compiler, if the jar is available

Tools. kapt

  • KT-30164 Default field value not transmitted to Java source model for mutable properties
  • KT-30368 Deprecated information not transmitted to Java source model
  • KT-32832 Turn worker API on by default
  • KT-33617 Java 9+: "IllegalStateException: Should not be called!"
  • KT-34167 Annotation Processor incorrectly marked as isolating causes full rebuild silently.
  • KT-34258 kapt.incremental.apt=true makes build failed after moving annotation processor files
  • KT-34569 Kapt doesn't handle methods with both the @override annotation and override keyword
  • KT-36113 Enabling kapt.incremental.apt makes remote build cache miss via classpathStructure$kotlin_gradle_plugin property
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