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NHWAVE Developer Group and Software Distribution
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NHWAVE Developer Group and Software Distribution


 Manage code modifications and updates for NHWAVE, and provide code access to end users.

Development team members:

                       github user           email                 affiliation                 role
 Jim Kirby             JimKirby            University of Delaware      Group owner
 Gangfeng Ma           gangfengma             Old Dominion University
 Fengyan Shi           fengyanshi          University of Delaware    
 Morteza Derakhti      derakhti           University of Washington
 Cheng Zhang           chzhangudel       University of Delaware

Change history:

11/07/16 - Kirby extracts initialize.F and two_layer_slide.F from nhwave.F

11/23/16 - Cheng Bug Fixes ·Fixed two bugs that leaded to unstability since two variables were not initialized.

Additions to Functions ·Added a function to record max runup of wave. ·Added a function to record varying bathymetry. ·Added a function to hot start simulation. ·Added a function to limit max maximum Froude number. ·Added a function to generate irregular waves with a internal wave maker. ·Added a function to impose nesting data as boundary conditions.

Changes ·Changed Sommerfeld open boundary condition to Orlanski open boundary condition. ·Changed subroutine flux_left_right_boundary to impose velocity at inflow boundary. ·Changed subroutine probes to output velocity components at each layer when setting z=-1.0 in stat.txt

08/03/2017 - Cheng Zhang

Additions to Functions ·Added a subroutine for fluid slide simulation. ·Added a subroutine for comprehensive landslide bathymetry discription(from Fengyan). ·Added a function to impose wall friction on east, west, south and/or north walls. ·Added a function to identify 2D and 3D solid slide in input file. ·Added a function for 3D solid triangular slide.

Changes ·Changed long sentences to short ones to avoid compile problems.

23/03/2017 - Cheng Zhang

Additions to Functions ·Added a function to hot start simulation with moving boundary.

Bug Fixes ·Fixed a bug that can cause parallelization problem.

UPDATE_00004 by Cheng Zhang 09/05/2017

■Changes ·Changed the old viscous slide model with a new one with TVD scheme, removing artificial diffusion from mass conservation and double counted bottom friction from momentum equations.

■Bug Fixes ·Fixed a bug that can cause parallelization problem. ·Fixed two bugs in the granular slide model.

UPDATE_00005 by Cheng Zhang 02/06/2017

■Changes ·Changed influx boundary condition to impose fixed flux.

UPDATE_00006 by Cheng Zhang 04/12/2017

■Bug Fixes ·Fixed a bug in subroutine update_mask to ensure a wet-dry front moves correctly indepedent on the direction. ·Fixed a bug in subroutine eval_duvw that can lead non-zero DU/DV/DW in grid with Mask(i,j)=0. ·Fixed a bug in wall friction boundary condition.

■Additions to Functions ·Added a function to hot start simulation with viscous landslide.

■Changes ·Changed delxH and delyxH at the edge of wet-dry boundary by using Mask9 to avoid extremely height slope at that place.

UPDATE_00007 by Cheng Zhang 04/02/2018

■Additions to Functions ·Added a function to simulate slump case of rigid landslide.

■Changes ·Changed the IBM code to be applicable to the hydrostatic case.

02/08/2019 - Kirby

Collected all known instances (so far of solutions of linear dispersion relation and replaced by a call to new subroutine
wave_dispersion. Created new file waves.F that contains wave_dispersion plus boundary or initial wave generation.
subroutine source_terms remains to be modified (to extract portions that only need to be executed once.) Subroutines in waves.F all extracted from nhwave.F except for the new wave_dispersion.

02/11/2019 - Kirby

Corrected error made in wave_dispersion subroutine. Changed some of the copyright statements (gnu -> bsd)

02/20/2019 - Kirby

Corrected two typos in waves.F Moved subroutines related to Poisson solver from nhwave.F to pressure.F

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