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This is a repository for the SmartEject Calibre Plugin.

Most discussion of this plugin takes place in the SmartEject Calibre Plugin forum.

Have you ever added or deleted books from your calibre library, only to find that you forgot to add or delete them from your ebook device later when you connected it? Or ever just wanted a big, easy to click eject button on your toolbar?

That's what SmartEject does.

When you attach your device, you can have an eject button on your 'device connected' main toolbar. When you click it, it checks for duplicate, added or deleted books on the device and offers to show them to you if there are any.

Main Features of SmartEject Plugin:

  • Top level device eject button, suitable for main toolbar.
  • Check for duplicate books on device before ejecting.
  • Check for books in library, but not on device before ejecting.
  • Check for books on device, but not in library before ejecting.
  • Configure which checks to perform on a library-by-library basis.
  • Configure the searches to use to perform the checks on a library-by-library basis.
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