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Current Version: v2.1

Pomash is a lightweight blog system. Powered by Tornado Web Framework.

Build up

Note: The Python environment has been updated to 3.7.1. So I am not sure whether Pomash works properly under the 2.x version of Python.

How to get Pomash:

git clone
cd Pomash
pip install -r requirements.txt

You should edit the to set up before running Here is a explanation for

  • blog_name Your blog's name.
  • blog_author Your name.
  • blog_url Your blog's URL.
  • theme The theme you're using.
  • dark_mode The switch for dark mode. 0.Off & 1.On & 2.Auto. PS: Need theme support.
  • pygments_style_light The pygments style for light mode.
  • pygments_style_dark The pygments style for dark mode.
  • post_per_page The number of articles you want to display on the home page.
  • twitter_card Enable/Disable the twitter card function.
  • twitter_username Your twitter username.
  • analytics Google Analytics code. If you don't know what it is, just leave it empty.
  • comment_system Pomash currently supports Disqus or Valine as the comment system. 0 means turn off the comment. 1 means using Disqus. 2 means using Valine.
  • disqus_name If you choose Disqus as your comment system, please fill this with your own code.
  • valine_app_id/key If you choose Valine as your comment system, please fill this with your own LeanCloud app id/key. You can look this as a reference.
  • dropbox_app_token If you want to use the backup function, get a Dropbox app token here first.
  • cookie_secret The string used to encrypt your cookie. PLEASE CHANGE THIS TO YOUR OWN STRING.
  • login_username The admin username. Initial password of admin is admin. Please change it as soon as possible.
  • DeBug Developer setting. Normal user could just ignore it.

After customizing and initialize the database, you could put Pomash online.

python --port=8080


Pomash uses Markdown to write posts and pages. LaTeX is also supported.

Note: To avoid conflict between LaTeX and Markdown, Pomash removed the emphasis syntax *word* and _word_ which you should use <em>word</em> as an alternative.

#Hello World

print('Hello, World!')

Hello, World!

Inline LaTeX: $\int_a^b f(x)\mathrm{d}x$

New line LaTeX: $$\sum_{i=0}^{n}i^2$$

<em>This is a emphasis.</em>

**This is a double emphasis.**

~~This is a strikethrough.~~

* Hello
* World


Pomash's theme is called Potheme. Here is a Potheme list:

Other Reference

A Chinese guide for setting up.(Maybe a little outdated)


Please read the MIT-LICENSE


🍠 A Lightweight Blog System








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