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Python connection to Diffusive Nested Sampling.
Python C++
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This package provides

  • Python connection to the C implementation of Diffusive Nested Sampling (DNest3).
  • Pure Python re-implementation of Diffusive Nested Sampling (

This software is in beta status -- verify the results and report bugs!

Using the Connector to DNest3

  1. Compile DNest into a shared library:

    cd /dir/to/DNest3
    patch -p1 < /dir/to/PyDNest/dnest3-build-sharedlib.patch
rebuild DNest as usual (cmake, make) You should find in the build directory.
  1. Build the PyDNest bridge:

    cd PyDNest
You should find in this directory.
  1. You are ready to go. Try the example in First tell it where to find the two libraries you created:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/dir/to/DNest3/build/:/dir/to/PyDNest/

For using in your application, just import and pass your functions to dnest_run. You need to define

  1. int allocate(): makes a new particle. returns a integer (or C-pointer) to know which particle we are talking about.
  2. double drawFromPrior(i): gets the integer from above, and draws a position from the prior for it (storing the position somewhere).
  3. perturb(i): gets the integer from above, and modifies the position. Returns H (usually 0?).
  4. likelihood(i): gets the integer from above, and returns the likelihood for this particle.

Author: Johannes Buchner

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