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This repository

Here are some examples:

  1. RCV1 example. Here we use online gradient descent on TFIDF transformed features while taking advantage of a cache file.
  2. Malicious URL example. A sequential binary classification problem with temporally correlated data.
  3. VW has a test suite. tail -n 48 test/RunTests provides several little examples.
  4. Matrix factorization example
  5. Multi Class Examples

    1. One Against All (oaa) multi class example
    2. Cost Sensitive One Against All (csoaa) multi class example
    3. Error Correcting Tournament (ect) multi class example
    4. Weighted All Pairs (wap) multi class example
  6. Truncated gradient descent example
  7. Contextual Bandit Example
  8. Using an interactive way to interface with vw’s active learning
  9. using vw varinfo – a vw wrapper to inspect your training-set & model
  10. Using vw regr – a script for aiding regression applications
  11. daemon example – how to run vw in daemon mode and get predictions

See also for several examples of using Vowpal Wabbit in practice.

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