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Welcome to the EfCore.TestSupport wiki!

The NuGet package EfCore.TestSupport is a netstandard2.0 library containing methods to help you unit test applications that use Entity Framework Core for database access.

This wiki defines the various groups and the signatures of the methods. The various groups of methods are:

  1. Helpers to create an in-memory Sqlite database for unit testing
  2. Helpers to create an InMemory database for unit testing
  3. Helpers to create connection strings with a unique database name (via appsetting.json)
  4. Helpers for creating unique SQL Server databases for unit testing
  5. Helpers for creating an empty database, and deleting SQL unit test databases
  6. Various tools for getting test data, or file paths to test data
  7. A tool for applying a SQL script file to a EF Core database
  8. Tools for capturing EF Core logging.
  9. EfSchemaCompare: Tool to compare EF Core's view of the database with an actual database.

This GitHub repository contains the source of the The NuGet package EfCore.TestSupport is the project TestSupport and various unit tests that check the project TestSupport.

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