A more complex MVC application showing the use of GenericServices with the AdventureWorksLT2012 database.
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SampleMvcWebApp - Complex

SampleMvcWebAppComplex is a ASP.NET MVC5 web site which was built as a 'stress test' of how well GenericServices library and Microsoft's Entity Framework V6 could cope with an existing SQL database AdventureWorksLT2012. This database is a step up on complexity over the simple database used in the example available at SampleMvcWebApp.

You can read more about this exercise in two articles I wrote for the Simple-Talk web site. The two articles are:

  1. Using Entity Framework with an Existing Database: Data Access
  2. Using Entity Framework with an Existing Database: User Interface

Go to the example web site for live demostration of SampleMvcWebApp - Complex

NOTE: if you are new to GenericServices I suggest you start by reading the second article to get an idea of the architecture and and then go to the SampleMvcWebApp - Basic web application as it explains the core setup of GenericServices in more detail. However if you want the more complex stuff the read on.

Important information

  1. This application is NOT open-source because it contains a proprietary, paid-for library Kendo UI MVC which I have a developer's licence for.
  2. If you clone this application is will NOT run. That is because:
  • I have not included the Kendo UI MVC code because I am not allowed to.
  • I have not included the AdventureWorksLT2012 database:
    • You can pick that up from here - Look for the 'AdventureWorksLT2012_Data' entry.
    • You will also need to change the connection string in Web.Config file.

So why have made the source code available?

While this application is not open-source it does contain a great deal of useful reference material for anyone wanting to use GenericServices in a real application. It also makes writing, and hopefully the understanding, of the documentation much easier as it can point to working example code.

There are a number of usages of GenericServices not seen in the original SampleMvcWebApp(basic) code. Examples of the GenericServices features found only in this example are:

  • Use of Calculated Properties using DelegateDecompiler.
  • Use of AutoMapper calculated properties for the (few) cases that DelegateDecompiler cannot handle.
  • Various places where the developer needs to overide some of the DTO methods like FindItemTrackedForUpdate, CreateDataFromDto etc.
  • Using DeleteAssociatedAddress to handle the more complex deletion situations.
  • Handling nested DTO copying.
  • Handling updates that include related database items.
  • Useful to see the MVC Controllers and Views needed for this sort of application.