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Nutshell-Group-Project. We were tasked with creating an application using grunt and browserify. Our application is comprised of a Log in/ Registration page where the user can either- sign in if they are an existing user or they can create an account and sign in after that. Upon logging in session storage is started. The application features a Me…
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Nutshell is a new product offering that we have been tasked with building. Our application is tailored to those who posses a nomadic spirit, in other words for people who travel a lot. It's a dashboard for people to use to organize their daily tasks, events, news article, friends, and chat messages.

We have utilized all of the skills and concepts that we've learned up to this point in the course.

  1. Functions
  2. Databases/API
  3. Github
  4. Objects
  5. CSS
  6. Handling user events
  7. Factory functions
  8. Data entry/editing
  9. Modular code with Browserify
  10. Relational data
  11. Working with ERDs

Jordan Rosas, Joseph Baugh, Russel Reiter, Cole Bryant, Justin Wheeler

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