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Most minimalistic plugin "manager" I could have come up with
Vim script
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Its function is simple: download, update and enable using :packadd

It's limited only to GitHub repositories

Best utlized with, nomen omen, minimal list of plugins


Execute in shell:

git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugin/opt/minPlug/

and in vimrc add:

packadd minPlug " initialize minPlug

If you want to have minPlug automatically installed, add this to your vimrc:

if empty(glob(substitute(&packpath, ",.*", "/pack/plugins/opt/minPlug", "")))
    call system("git clone --depth=1 ".substitute(&packpath, ",.*", "/pack/plugins/opt/minPlug", ""))
    autocmd VimEnter * silent! MinPlugInstall | echo "minPlug: INSTALLED"


This plugin provides two commands: MinPlug and MinPlugInstall

  • Add plugin

    After initialization of minPlug, use MinPlug in vimrc in such fasion:

MinPlug username/repo branch

        If branch isn't provided, as defualt master will be used

        To disable plugin, simply comment out this line

        Practiacal example: MinPlug Jorengarenar/vim-darkness

  • On-demand loading
MinPlug! username/repo branch

        Will only add plugin to list, so you can download it, but it won't start automatically

        You can then use autocmd (or ftplugin) to load it on demand using packadd


MinPlug! Jorengarenar/pseudoClip | autocmd filetype cpp packadd pseudoClip
  • Download/update plugins

        When it finishes, only the message DONE will be shown

  • Download/update plugins overriding local changes
  • Delete

        Remove MinPlug username/repo line from vimrc, then go to ~/.vim/pack/plugins/opt and remove the directory of plugin

Additional note

If you added something to the packpath option, ensure that your desired destination is first in the list (use ^=, e.g. set packpath^=$XDG_DATA_HOME/vim)

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