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Role Defaults

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  • Set default screen settings for roles
  • Apply defaults to a user
  • Apply defaults to all users of a role
  • Apply defaults when registering a new user (in a multisite this is done when a user is added to its first blog)
  • Copy defaults from one role to another (or multiple)
  • Import/Export role defaults, can also download (and upload) setting files
  • Disable the “screen settings” option and/or lock the meta boxes for all users that don’t have access to this plugin

This module can be used to configure default user settings like:

  • Screen settings
  • Metabox locations
  • Metabox visibility
  • Admin Color
  • Etc.

Each role can have it's own default settings. These settings can then be applied to existing and new users.

How to create default settings for roles

To store ("record") these changes you need to switch to a role. After selecting a role you'll notice an extra icon that appears on this plugin's top-bar. This means that all changes you make at that point to screen settings etc. will be stored as default settings into the selected role. Role Defaults recording icon

All other actions within this module are unrelated to your selected view!

How to apply default settings to users

Once you've created default settings for your roles you can apply them to your users. Either by selection or in bulk. There are two standard options:

  • "Apply defaults to users" lets you select a user (related to a role) and apply the default settings for that role to the user. Note that if a user has multiple roles it will show in on this location multiple times (one time for each role).
  • "Apply defaults to users by role" can be used to bulk apply default settings to all users of a role.

It's also possible to automatically apply defaults to new users. Once this option is selected each new user to a site will automatically have the default settings of it's role applied.
Note: Since these settings are global, if you are in a multisite this only happens the first time a user is added to a blog.

What data is stored for role defaults and how can this be changed

Please see the view_admin_as_role_defaults_meta filter!

The meta manager (since 1.6.3) provides a UI to edit the meta keys. Please follow these guidelines:

  • %% stands for a wildcard which could be anything.
  • Avoid special characters. Spaces, quotes etc. are forbidden.
  • Default meta keys cannot be removed, only disabled.
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