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A resolver that respects the syntax field proposal
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Webpack Syntax Resolver Plugin

npm version


This automates resolving the plugin on a more modern syntax field, this field is derived from the package.json.

Example: pkg X would normally be imported as an ES5 module, this plugin sees that pkg X exports a more modern ES6 bundle because syntax.esmodule leads to that bundle. Then this package will rewrite this resolver call to use the modern lib instead.

Caution: not all browsers support ES6 features, this lib is intended to be used with a module nomodule build

How to use

const syntaxResolverPlugin = require('webpack-syntax-resolver-plugin');

  resolve: {
    plugins: [new syntaxResolverPlugin()],

And let it to the magic, if you find a package that is causing issues you can ignore it by passing an option to this plugin named: ignoredModules, this expects an array.

The rest will be handled for you!


Only one package at this time supports this but there are more to come hooked-form


npm install --save-dev webpack-syntax-resolver-plugin

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