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Organization for Julia string handling packages


  1. Strs.jl Public

    String support package for Julia

    Julia 55 7

  2. StrICU.jl Public

    ICU wrapper, updated for v0.6.2 and v.7, using JuliaString/Strs.jl instead of LegacyStrings.jl

    Julia 1 1

  3. Adds a macro (`@api`) to help manage a consistent API between multiple packages

    Julia 10

  4. A fast implementation of short strings of fixed size. Great for sorting and group-by operations

    Julia 22 9

  5. Format.jl Public

    Forked from JuliaIO/Formatting.jl

    A Julia package to provide C and Python-like formatting support

    Julia 18 6

  6. Extends StrLiterals.jl with formatting capabilities

    Julia 6


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