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This is a repository to host custom layouts for OSMTracker about public transport.


To add these layouts to OSMTracker application:

  • Settings > Buttons presets
  • click on the + symbol at the top of the screen
  • then click on the wrench 🔧 at the top of the screen
  • select Custom and add the following values in the form:
    • github username : Jungle-Bus
    • repository name : osmtracker-layouts
    • branch name : master
  • hit SAVE
  • Choose the layout you want to use, and download it

Once you have set up and download a layout, it is available for use : you can activate it with Settings > Buttons preset when you are tracking.

French version: Pour ajouter ces dispositions dans l'application OSMTracker:

  • dans Paramètres > Boutons, appuyer sur + en haut à droite
  • appuyer ensuite sur la clef 🔧 en haut à droite
  • cliquer sur custom, et renseigner les valeurs suivantes dans le formulaire de configuration :
    • github username : Jungle-Bus
    • repository name : osmtracker-layouts
    • branch name : master
  • Sauvegarder
  • Choisir à présent une disposition à ajouter à l'application, et la télécharger

Cette disposition est maintenant disponible dans la liste des dispositions, dans Paramètres > Boutons. Vous pouvez l'activer quand c'est nécessaire ;)

List of layouts

Bus route

Image of layout

Bus route with occupancy

Image of layout

Ferry route

Image of layout


Let's say you want to translate the bus route layout in your language, you will need to do the following:

  • add a line with your language and a description in the metadata file
  • duplicate the en.xml file and translate the label items

See also

Once you have collected your tracks, you can use JOSM with the Jungle stop presets to quickly create the route in OpenStreetMap 😉

jungle stop presets


This project has been developed by the Jungle Bus team.

The code in this repository is under the GPL-3.0 license.

The rickshaw icon was created by James Fenton from the Noun Project. The taxi icon was created by Andi Nur Abdillah from the Noun Project.

If you value this work, show your support by donating to the OSM French local chapter.

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