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JOSM presets for adding main tags on public transport stops surveyed with Jungle Bus osmtracker layout
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These presets for JOSM allow to add in one click all main useful tags for public transport stops that have been surveyed with Jungle Bus osmtracker layout.

Install in JOSM

  • Edit -> Preferences
  • Map Settings
  • Tagging presets (third tab)
  • Select "Jungle stops"

The presets are now available in JOSM presets menu.

For easier access, you can add them as buttons in JOSM interface in

  • Edit -> Preferences
  • Toolbar customization

For instance:

josm capture

Or as individual buttons, to add all tags in one click:

josm capture

If you map a lot of transport items in JOSM, you should also take a look and activate Jungle Bus validators 😉


This project has been developed by the Jungle Bus team.

The code in this repository is under the GPL-3.0 license.

If you value this work, show your support by donating to the OSM French local chapter.

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