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Releases: Juniper/libslax


01 Oct 01:11
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  • sdb: Add "info insert", "info output", and "info locals" commands
  • docs: Add "what's new in 1.1"
  • psu: Add #include of <stdarg.h>
  • Add LICENSE file
  • docs: Add docs for crypto:* extensions
  • docs: Add example; fix examples to use "main"; add links to libxslt equivalents
  • bug: Add missing check when moving sd_cur
  • docs: Add os:remove docs
  • docs: Add simple intro
  • docs: Add slax-1.2 "what's new"
  • docs: Add targets for sphinx
  • docs: Ensure two spaces after periods
  • docs: Expand tabs in output; fix bug with wrong line number
  • Fix copyright
  • docs: Fix lists and admonitions
  • Fix use of AC_ARG_ENABLE, where I was assuming "yes" instead of using $$enableval
  • docs: Move documentation to Sphinx/RST (WIP)
  • ext: Teach sysctl code to handle arrays and use kernel's type information; the kernel mechanism to do this (BSD) is not pretty, but I attempt to be as safe as possible
  • bug: Test for NULL ctxt when running new "info" commands (insert, output, locals)
  • add checks for xsw_usage.xsu_total and dev_t
  • docs: add link for #!
  • docs: add reference card link; add emacs info
  • test: add test case for #44
  • bug: avoid using "asm" for GCC < 5 (#42)
  • future: checkpoint libxi work
  • bug: fix #44 by calling ALL_KEYWORDS_ON at appropriate places
  • docs: s/External/Additional/
  • set version and release to "development-branch"
  • slaxExtDecode needed a "const"
  • gt: turn fancy "git log" to "gt clog"
  • update tests for fixes in libxslt-1.1.29
  • use python3


12 May 19:21
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Major items:

  • create libpsu, for small-but-vital utilities
  • create parrotdb, a memory-mapped database
  • create libxi, for xml input parsing (work in progress)

Minor items:

  • add "make distcheck" to avoid embarrassing surprises
  • add #defines for backward compatibility
  • add -R/-r to trigger rfc-style behavior (oxtradoc)
  • add Martin's patch (oxtradoc)
  • add PSU_BIT_*
  • add check for strndup
  • add mkback mode; allow this content in the document as well (oxtradoc)
  • add pamain.h to EXTRA_DIST
  • add printflike
  • add psu_boolean_t
  • add psu_malloc and friends; move ALLOCADUP here
  • add psucpu
  • add psustring.[hc]
  • add psustring.h
  • add slaxdef.h
  • add sys/param.h for NBBY
  • add words
  • annoying #undef of autoheader variables
  • avoid /{{/ warnings
  • check return from pa_pat_node_alloc()
  • default for $rfc depends on -m view-rfc (oxtradoc)
  • drop #include of slaxconfig.h since psucommon.h handles it
  • drop typedef for xi_source_t
  • fix %zd; nuke 0x200000000000 abort
  • fix NULL comparison
  • fix args for PA_ATOM_TYPE()
  • fix doc typos
  • fix path
  • fix printflike bugs
  • fix restash
  • fix saved test data
  • force unsigned expression
  • gt: add "gt info"
  • include psualloc.h for ALLOCADUP
  • install slaxconfig.h by hand; make sure it's not in the tarball
  • make "sticky_equiv{}" to allow code and xml to be co-sticky
  • move ALLOCADUP to psualloc.h
  • move srcdir to "-d" option
  • move slaxlog to slaxdef.h
  • move to structure-based atoms
  • name 32-bit versions of PA_ADDR_*
  • nuke "function" syntax; go old-school for linux compatibility (sad, eh?)
  • remove -Waggregate-return, since we are now returning structures
  • remove dup strlcpy (now in psustring.h)
  • remove extern for slaxLogIsEnabled
  • remove extra HAVE_STRNDUP
  • remove slaxdef.h
  • remove slaxdef.h and slaxutil.h
  • remove slaxutil.h
  • remove stdlib.h
  • remove unsed opt_read
  • remove unused variable
  • shorten table contents
  • static inline for memchr (expand on later)
  • test for strstr
  • undo @sticky "fix"; ensure new sticky_equiv code doesn't make null tags
  • use "%zd" for values
  • use $HOME
  • use new slaxdef.h file
  • use psustring.h


21 Apr 20:18
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fix org mode tables (backward compatible)
docs fix ($host)
add "distcheck" to "new-release" script


21 Apr 15:57
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  • add pamain.h to EXTRA_DIST


21 Apr 02:57
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  • Significant restructing of code to allow development of independent, reusable "libpsu" library. Move common code to this library and eliminate it from libslax.
  • parrotdb is new xml database
  • create libxi, xml input library
  • parts of the work was done previously in the "fast" branch


  • "gt reflog"
  • Add "log" and "restash"


  • Add libpsu
  • Add libxi (early)
  • add #defines for backward compatibility
  • Avoid going off the end of strings when backslash occurs at the end of the buffer
  • FreeBSD fixes
  • Make PA_NBBY
  • add PSU_BIT_*
  • add check for strndup
  • annoying #undef of autoheader variables
  • check return from pa_pat_node_alloc()
  • fix %zd
  • fix %zd; nuke 0x200000000000 abort

Odds and ends:

  • [dev] add mm/mmi aliases


  • add -R/-r to trigger rfc-style behavior
  • add Martin's patch
  • add mkback mode; allow this content in the document as well
  • add option processing; add -v and -d options
  • default for $rfc depends on -m view-rfc


27 Sep 02:45
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  • Make a few slax api's non static
  • avoid /{{/ warnings (oxtradoc)
  • install slaxconfig.h by hand; make sure it's not in the tarball
  • undo @sticky "fix"; ensure new sticky_equiv code doesn't make null tags (oxtradoc)


22 Jan 00:27
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  • Fix for #33
  • Remove generated files


07 Jul 13:26
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Major functionality added is support for sqlite3 databases in SLAX. Various other bugfixes are in this version as well. The detailed list is below.

  • Add debian watch file
  • Current versions of Debian ship with libsqlite3 3.7.13, so remove requirement of 3.7.15
  • Do not require configure to be run before packaging cygwin
  • Fix libext-db to libext_db to match rest of other extensions naming convention
  • Fix link issue under Debian
  • Fix path
  • LDFLAGS in should be AM_LDFLAGS
  • More debian packaging updates
  • Remove dependence on newer libsqlite3 APIs
  • Update Debian install files to include libsqlite module
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu scripts for publishing libslax to debian repositories
  • Update debian package script
  • Update required packages for debian build
  • Various cygwin libslax fixes
  • Add comment re: annoying glibtool error
  • Add db:close() to documentation
  • Add os:user-info to os extension library
  • Add the ability to sort result set by multiple fields
  • Add uninstall-hook
  • AddClass("section-contents")
  • Added field to db_input to hold access info to backend engine
  • Build sqlite db adapter only when required version of sqlite3 is available
  • Documentation os:user-info
  • Enable sqlite db extension only if sqlite3 is available
  • Fix mem leaks
  • Fix out of scope database handle
  • Fix typos in documentation
  • Initial documentation for db extension
  • Move functions that use internal structures out of slax.h
  • Nuke header entry from Makefile
  • Nuke passwd field from os:user-info output
  • Remove duplicate di_access entry
  • Remove redundant dlclose
  • Return empty cursor in case of failure
  • Support for operators to be parent of conditions to allow nested conditions
  • Support to encrypt/decrypt database using SQLCipher
  • Treat empty elements like those with empty strings
  • Tweak section contents
  • Unquote integer value
  • Unquote integer values
  • Unquote values for limit and skip in doc
  • Update doc
  • Update tests
  • Use to specify new data for db:update()
  • We need SQLite3 >= 3.7.15 for sqlite db extension to work
  • add rules for p.section-contents
  • add uninstall-hook
  • compiler nits
  • drop --install
  • drop db.txt (no idea what it's for)
  • fix copyright
  • libslax db adapter initial commit
  • never return an aggregate; pass in the print buffer instead
  • nits
  • s/INT/INTEGER in query building
  • s/findAndFetch/find-and-fetch for slax extension function name
  • s/index/idx as it masks global declaration
  • s/project/retrieve
  • s/userinfo/user-info. Display class if available
  • support "=" to "ditto" also
  • wrap lines


04 Oct 05:20
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  • Fix issue with libslax extensions being incorrectly symlinked under a cygwin build
  • add gcc test; don't invoke BISON twice
  • add linenum debug output
  • add missing free calls
  • allow SLAX_EXTDIR environment variable to override the builtin extension library
  • avoid clang warning with slaxEltArgCallPref (by making it non-static; ick)
  • avoid insanely odd gcc-on-mavericks warning when too much auto data is on the stack (ld: warning: could not create compact unwind for _slaxExtDampen: stack subq instruction is too different from dwarf stack size)
  • distinquish '+' for YANG
  • drop slaxconfig.h from slaxinc_HEADERS
  • fix URLs for new oxtradoc
  • fix line numbers
  • fix line numbers; start committing yang code
  • fixes for clang and gcc49, and for mavericks
  • make URLs into erefs
  • make anchor when none are given
  • make unused intermediate nodes
  • move from old gcc structure field assignments to modern new ones
  • new "!! list-sections" feature
  • start committing yang code
  • teach oxtradoc to handle "!!include-file foo.txt"
  • update test cases


05 Aug 20:33
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  • allow new mini-templates; new check_args function
  • fix URL for os functions
  • fix sdb bugs w/ restart
  • update help
  • implicit newline for slaxError
  • move slaxconfig.h to slaxversion.h and config.h to slaxconfig.h
  • need -I${top_builddir}
  • new eval and select functions
  • update docs