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@philshafer philshafer released this Oct 1, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

  • sdb: Add "info insert", "info output", and "info locals" commands
  • docs: Add "what's new in 1.1"
  • psu: Add #include of <stdarg.h>
  • Add LICENSE file
  • docs: Add docs for crypto:* extensions
  • docs: Add example; fix examples to use "main"; add links to libxslt equivalents
  • bug: Add missing check when moving sd_cur
  • docs: Add os:remove docs
  • docs: Add simple intro
  • docs: Add slax-1.2 "what's new"
  • docs: Add targets for sphinx
  • docs: Ensure two spaces after periods
  • docs: Expand tabs in output; fix bug with wrong line number
  • Fix copyright
  • docs: Fix lists and admonitions
  • Fix use of AC_ARG_ENABLE, where I was assuming "yes" instead of using $$enableval
  • docs: Move documentation to Sphinx/RST (WIP)
  • ext: Teach sysctl code to handle arrays and use kernel's type information; the kernel mechanism to do this (BSD) is not pretty, but I attempt to be as safe as possible
  • bug: Test for NULL ctxt when running new "info" commands (insert, output, locals)
  • add checks for xsw_usage.xsu_total and dev_t
  • docs: add link for #!
  • docs: add reference card link; add emacs info
  • test: add test case for #44
  • bug: avoid using "asm" for GCC < 5 (#42)
  • future: checkpoint libxi work
  • bug: fix #44 by calling ALL_KEYWORDS_ON at appropriate places
  • docs: s/External/Additional/
  • set version and release to "development-branch"
  • slaxExtDecode needed a "const"
  • gt: turn fancy "git log" to "gt clog"
  • update tests for fixes in libxslt-1.1.29
  • use python3
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@philshafer philshafer released this May 12, 2017 · 126 commits to master since this release

Major items:

  • create libpsu, for small-but-vital utilities
  • create parrotdb, a memory-mapped database
  • create libxi, for xml input parsing (work in progress)

Minor items:

  • add "make distcheck" to avoid embarrassing surprises
  • add #defines for backward compatibility
  • add -R/-r to trigger rfc-style behavior (oxtradoc)
  • add Martin's patch (oxtradoc)
  • add PSU_BIT_*
  • add check for strndup
  • add mkback mode; allow this content in the document as well (oxtradoc)
  • add pamain.h to EXTRA_DIST
  • add printflike
  • add psu_boolean_t
  • add psu_malloc and friends; move ALLOCADUP here
  • add psucpu
  • add psustring.[hc]
  • add psustring.h
  • add slaxdef.h
  • add sys/param.h for NBBY
  • add words
  • annoying #undef of autoheader variables
  • avoid /{{/ warnings
  • check return from pa_pat_node_alloc()
  • default for $rfc depends on -m view-rfc (oxtradoc)
  • drop #include of slaxconfig.h since psucommon.h handles it
  • drop typedef for xi_source_t
  • fix %zd; nuke 0x200000000000 abort
  • fix NULL comparison
  • fix args for PA_ATOM_TYPE()
  • fix doc typos
  • fix path
  • fix printflike bugs
  • fix restash
  • fix saved test data
  • force unsigned expression
  • gt: add "gt info"
  • include psualloc.h for ALLOCADUP
  • install slaxconfig.h by hand; make sure it's not in the tarball
  • make "sticky_equiv{}" to allow code and xml to be co-sticky
  • move ALLOCADUP to psualloc.h
  • move srcdir to "-d" option
  • move slaxlog to slaxdef.h
  • move to structure-based atoms
  • name 32-bit versions of PA_ADDR_*
  • nuke "function" syntax; go old-school for linux compatibility (sad, eh?)
  • remove -Waggregate-return, since we are now returning structures
  • remove dup strlcpy (now in psustring.h)
  • remove extern for slaxLogIsEnabled
  • remove extra HAVE_STRNDUP
  • remove slaxdef.h
  • remove slaxdef.h and slaxutil.h
  • remove slaxutil.h
  • remove stdlib.h
  • remove unsed opt_read
  • remove unused variable
  • shorten table contents
  • static inline for memchr (expand on later)
  • test for strstr
  • undo @sticky "fix"; ensure new sticky_equiv code doesn't make null tags
  • use "%zd" for values
  • use $HOME
  • use new slaxdef.h file
  • use psustring.h
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@philshafer philshafer released this Apr 21, 2017 · 138 commits to master since this release

fix org mode tables (backward compatible)
docs fix ($host)
add "distcheck" to "new-release" script

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@philshafer philshafer released this Apr 21, 2017 · 144 commits to master since this release

  • add pamain.h to EXTRA_DIST
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@philshafer philshafer released this Apr 21, 2017 · 150 commits to master since this release


  • Significant restructing of code to allow development of independent, reusable "libpsu" library. Move common code to this library and eliminate it from libslax.
  • parrotdb is new xml database
  • create libxi, xml input library
  • parts of the work was done previously in the "fast" branch


  • "gt reflog"
  • Add "log" and "restash"


  • Add libpsu
  • Add libxi (early)
  • add #defines for backward compatibility
  • Avoid going off the end of strings when backslash occurs at the end of the buffer
  • FreeBSD fixes
  • Make PA_NBBY
  • add PSU_BIT_*
  • add check for strndup
  • annoying #undef of autoheader variables
  • check return from pa_pat_node_alloc()
  • fix %zd
  • fix %zd; nuke 0x200000000000 abort

Odds and ends:

  • [dev] add mm/mmi aliases


  • add -R/-r to trigger rfc-style behavior
  • add Martin's patch
  • add mkback mode; allow this content in the document as well
  • add option processing; add -v and -d options
  • default for $rfc depends on -m view-rfc
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@philshafer philshafer released this Sep 27, 2016 · 365 commits to master since this release

  • Make a few slax api's non static
  • avoid /{{/ warnings (oxtradoc)
  • install slaxconfig.h by hand; make sure it's not in the tarball
  • undo @sticky "fix"; ensure new sticky_equiv code doesn't make null tags (oxtradoc)
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@philshafer philshafer released this Jan 22, 2016 · 374 commits to master since this release

  • Fix for #33
  • Remove generated files
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@ClemsonJeeper ClemsonJeeper released this Jul 7, 2015 · 415 commits to master since this release

Major functionality added is support for sqlite3 databases in SLAX. Various other bugfixes are in this version as well. The detailed list is below.

  • Add debian watch file
  • Current versions of Debian ship with libsqlite3 3.7.13, so remove requirement of 3.7.15
  • Do not require configure to be run before packaging cygwin
  • Fix libext-db to libext_db to match rest of other extensions naming convention
  • Fix link issue under Debian
  • Fix path
  • LDFLAGS in should be AM_LDFLAGS
  • More debian packaging updates
  • Remove dependence on newer libsqlite3 APIs
  • Update Debian install files to include libsqlite module
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu scripts for publishing libslax to debian repositories
  • Update debian package script
  • Update required packages for debian build
  • Various cygwin libslax fixes
  • Add comment re: annoying glibtool error
  • Add db:close() to documentation
  • Add os:user-info to os extension library
  • Add the ability to sort result set by multiple fields
  • Add uninstall-hook
  • AddClass("section-contents")
  • Added field to db_input to hold access info to backend engine
  • Build sqlite db adapter only when required version of sqlite3 is available
  • Documentation os:user-info
  • Enable sqlite db extension only if sqlite3 is available
  • Fix mem leaks
  • Fix out of scope database handle
  • Fix typos in documentation
  • Initial documentation for db extension
  • Move functions that use internal structures out of slax.h
  • Nuke header entry from Makefile
  • Nuke passwd field from os:user-info output
  • Remove duplicate di_access entry
  • Remove redundant dlclose
  • Return empty cursor in case of failure
  • Support for operators to be parent of conditions to allow nested conditions
  • Support to encrypt/decrypt database using SQLCipher
  • Treat empty elements like those with empty strings
  • Tweak section contents
  • Unquote integer value
  • Unquote integer values
  • Unquote values for limit and skip in doc
  • Update doc
  • Update tests
  • Use to specify new data for db:update()
  • We need SQLite3 >= 3.7.15 for sqlite db extension to work
  • add rules for p.section-contents
  • add uninstall-hook
  • compiler nits
  • drop --install
  • drop db.txt (no idea what it's for)
  • fix copyright
  • libslax db adapter initial commit
  • never return an aggregate; pass in the print buffer instead
  • nits
  • s/INT/INTEGER in query building
  • s/findAndFetch/find-and-fetch for slax extension function name
  • s/index/idx as it masks global declaration
  • s/project/retrieve
  • s/userinfo/user-info. Display class if available
  • support "=" to "ditto" also
  • wrap lines
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@philshafer philshafer released this Oct 4, 2014 · 489 commits to master since this release

  • Fix issue with libslax extensions being incorrectly symlinked under a cygwin build
  • add gcc test; don't invoke BISON twice
  • add linenum debug output
  • add missing free calls
  • allow SLAX_EXTDIR environment variable to override the builtin extension library
  • avoid clang warning with slaxEltArgCallPref (by making it non-static; ick)
  • avoid insanely odd gcc-on-mavericks warning when too much auto data is on the stack (ld: warning: could not create compact unwind for _slaxExtDampen: stack subq instruction is too different from dwarf stack size)
  • distinquish '+' for YANG
  • drop slaxconfig.h from slaxinc_HEADERS
  • fix URLs for new oxtradoc
  • fix line numbers
  • fix line numbers; start committing yang code
  • fixes for clang and gcc49, and for mavericks
  • make URLs into erefs
  • make anchor when none are given
  • make unused intermediate nodes
  • move from old gcc structure field assignments to modern new ones
  • new "!! list-sections" feature
  • start committing yang code
  • teach oxtradoc to handle "!!include-file foo.txt"
  • update test cases
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@philshafer philshafer released this Aug 5, 2014 · 522 commits to master since this release

  • allow new mini-templates; new check_args function
  • fix URL for os functions
  • fix sdb bugs w/ restart
  • update help
  • implicit newline for slaxError
  • move slaxconfig.h to slaxversion.h and config.h to slaxconfig.h
  • need -I${top_builddir}
  • new eval and select functions
  • update docs
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