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Welcome to the libslax wiki!


Welcome to libslax, an open-source implementation of the SLAX language. SLAX is an alternative syntax for XSLT which is tailored for readability and familiarity, following the style of C and Perl. If you like:

if ($this == that) {
    expr the/other;
} else {
    expr "neither";

more than:

  <xsl:when test="$this = that">
    <xsl:value-of select="the/other"/>

please consider using SLAX.



Consider it done: We are now moved over to github and are functioning well, but some blurriness remains.

Check out our source code, documentation, wiki articles, and releases. We're following the branching model, so we're doing development under the develop branch, and will use master as a more stable build.

If you see issues remaining, please raise them and I'll address them ASAP.


libslax is in the process of moving from googlecode to github. This move is taking longer than expected, but should be completed shortly.

Helpful Information

The following information will be helpful for new SLAX users:

Other Useful Links

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