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Build project

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Build Project

You can export the whole project to static files with single click. It is useful when you need to send deliverables to clients, or host the prototype to any web hosting.

Build Project

It will create a folder named named "build_YYYYMMDDHHmmSS" (ex, "build_20120318120532") in your project folder.

Specify the build folder 1.2 can specify the build folder. You can add fireapp_build_path="foo" in config.rb, and it will build project to project_path/foo.

NOTICE: When build a project, it will delete the folder first, then regenerate it.

DANGER: If you add fireapp_build_path="/path/to/build/folder/path" in config.rb, it will build project to /path/to/build/folder/path. If you write "/Users/foo", your home folder may be removed.

Do not copy some files to build folder does not copy these files to build folder by default:


If you do not want to ignore them, or want to use your own list, you can add a build_ignore.txt file in your project folder. Rule:

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