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PICO-8 mode for Emacs
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PICO-8 mode

pico8-mode is a major mode for Emacs which supports PICO-8 .p8 file code editing. It’s based on lua-mode.


  • Sets a dimmer color for non-Lua sections of the .p8 file
  • Offers basic auto-complete
    • Supports company-mode and completion-at-point
    • Completes PICO-8 builtins, functions, variables and arguments with some scoping
  • Navigation with xref
  • Documentation with eldoc
    • If PICO-8 manual path is set, then it shows builtin documentation from there.
  • Renders sprites and labels inline in the buffer.


For now do an manual installation, as it’s not in MELPA.

Customization variables are available at group pico-8.

For documentation lookup to work, set pico8-documentation-file to an absolute path to “pico-8.txt” which is included with PICO-8. After setting this variable, run pico8-build-documentation function to force a rebuild. This happens automatically when the mode is loaded.


  • lua-mode
  • Emacs >= 25.1 (tested with 26)


This mode uses some internal functions from lua-mode, which means that it might fail if lua-mode updates in an incompatible way.

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