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Imports Tiled maps into Lua for the LÖVE2d game engine

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Advanced Tiled Loader

Advanced Tiled Loader (ATL) loads and renders Tiled maps inside of the Löve2D game framework.

Supported features include:

  • Multiple Layers
  • All object types (regular, polygon, and tile)
  • Properties
  • Transparent colors
  • Margins and spacing
  • External tilesets
  • zlib/gzip compression
  • Isometric maps
  • Flipped and rotated tiles
  • Saving loaded maps

Example files can be found at

Quick Example

-- Gets the loader
loader = require("AdvTiledLoader/loader.lua")

 -- Path to the tmx files. The file structure must be similar to how they are saved in Tiled
loader.path = "maps/"

 -- Loads the map file and returns it
map = loader.load("desert.tmx")

-- Draws the map

-- Limits the drawing range of the map. Important for performance

-- Automatically sets the drawing range to the size of the screen.
map:autoDrawRange(tx, ty, scale, padding)

-- Accessing individual layers
map.layers["layer name"]

-- A shortcut for accessing specific layers
map("layer name")

-- Finding a specific tile
map.layers["layer name"]:get(5,5)

-- A shortcut for finding a specific tile
map("layer name")(5,5)

-- Iterating over all tiles in a layer
for x, y, tile in map("layer name"):iterate() do
   print( string.format("Tile at (%d,%d) has an id of %d", x, y, )

-- Iterating over all objects in a layer
for i, obj in pairs( map("object layer").objects ) do
    print( "Hi, my name is " .. )

-- Find all objects of a specific type in all layers
for _, layer in pairs(map.layers) do
   if layer.class == "ObjectLayer" then
        for _, obj in pairs(player.objects) do
            if obj.type == "enemy" then print( end

-- draw the tile with the id 4 at (100,100)

-- Access the tile's properties set by Tiled

-- Turns off drawing of non-tiled objects.
map.drawObjects = false

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