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Tiled library for LÖVE
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Simple Tiled Implementation

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If you like STI, consider tossing me a few monies via PayPal.

Simple Tiled Implementation is a Tiled map loader and renderer designed for the awesome LÖVE framework. Please read the documentation to learn how it works, or check out the tutorials included in this repo.

Quick Example

-- This example uses the included Box2D (love.physics) plugin!!

local sti = require "sti"

function love.load()
	-- Grab window size
	windowWidth  =
	windowHeight =

	-- Set world meter size (in pixels)

	-- Load a map exported to Lua from Tiled
	map = sti("assets/maps/map01.lua", { "box2d" })

	-- Prepare physics world with horizontal and vertical gravity
	world = love.physics.newWorld(0, 0)

	-- Prepare collision objects

	-- Create a Custom Layer
	map:addCustomLayer("Sprite Layer", 3)

	-- Add data to Custom Layer
	local spriteLayer = map.layers["Sprite Layer"]
	spriteLayer.sprites = {
		player = {
			image ="assets/sprites/player.png"),
			x = 64,
			y = 64,
			r = 0,

	-- Update callback for Custom Layer
	function spriteLayer:update(dt)
		for _, sprite in pairs(self.sprites) do
			sprite.r = sprite.r + math.rad(90 * dt)

	-- Draw callback for Custom Layer
	function spriteLayer:draw()
		for _, sprite in pairs(self.sprites) do
			local x = math.floor(sprite.x)
			local y = math.floor(sprite.y)
			local r = sprite.r, x, y, r)

function love.update(dt)

function love.draw()
	-- Draw the map and all objects within, 1, 1)

	-- Draw Collision Map (useful for debugging), 0, 0)

	-- Please note that map:draw, map:box2d_draw, and map:bump_draw take
	-- translate and scale arguments (tx, ty, sx, sy) for when you want to
	-- grow, shrink, or reposition your map on screen.


This library recommends LÖVE 11.x and Tiled 1.2.x. If you are updating from an older version of Tiled, please re-export your Lua map files.


This code is licensed under the MIT/X11 Open Source License. Check out the LICENSE file for more information.

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