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Halfminer Bot

TeamSpeak 3 Bot for Minecraft Server Two and a half Miner. Connecting to query via TeamSpeak-3-Java-API.

Current features

  • Configurable via YAML based config file
    • Query password can either be passed as command line argument or be set via config
    • Supports connecting to the TeamSpeak query via SSH or Telnet/Raw
  • Bot messages are fully configurable/localizable
  • Automatic reconnect if connection is lost
  • Define channel for bot to join, stays persistent if moved out
  • Cold storage as flat file
    • Regulary stores client data to disk, if necessary
    • Bot can be restarted without losing state, like the clients channel id
      • Use command !admin stop/restart to save state before shutdown
  • Permission system
    • Define what client belongs to which group via their talk power
    • Higher groups automatically inherit all permissions of lower groups
    • Permission changes are always logged
  • Command chat interface with !
    • Bot welcomes (server and/or channel) joining clients with private message
      • Server join message can be disabled
    • Command flood protection (optional bypass permission)
      • Custom cooldowns available additionally, for example for !channel update
    • Default command configurable via locale file, !channel create by default
    • Permission to use command necessary
  • Commands
    • !admin
      • Lookup client information via username or client id
        • Supports client, database and unique id as parameters
        • Checks database for offline client with given database or unique id, if no player was found
      • Reload the config file
        • Won't reload if file was not modified or if it is in invalid format
      • Restart (full reconnect) or shut the bot down
    • !broadcast
      • Broadcast a given message to all clients
      • Optional talk power requirement can be passed as flag
        • Example: "!broadcast -200 hello" will broadcast "hello" to everybody with at least 200 talk power
      • Broadcast format configurable via locale file
        • Adds server group and broadcaster to message
    • !channel
      • Create channels for users
        • Gives channel admin to the creating user
          • Set group ID via config
            • Custom group for donators assignable
        • Adds username to the channelname
        • Sets the channel as temporary
          • Stays persistent for set amount of seconds (config)
            • Custom time for donators assignable
          • Detect if user already has a channel, automatically move user to his channel on join/chat/move
      • Sets given parameter as password
      • Update a users channel password
        • Will kick all players from channel after changing password
    • !help
      • Sends list containing every available command per client
        • Checks if client has permission
        • Sends correct usage and description
      • When calling !help querypassword highest available group will be granted (can be disabled)
    • !rank (not on master branch)
      • Automatic retrieval of ranks after querying Halfminer REST API for privileges
      • Removes old server group, even if a different identity was used
  • Scheduled tasks
    • Periodically check for inactive users
      • Move them into AFK channel
      • If server is full, kick AFK users to make room
        • Configure amount of players to kick at once
      • Exempt clients via permissions
    • Send current status to API via HTTP PUT (not on master branch)


πŸ€– TeamSpeak 3 command bot connecting via server query, made for