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Welcome to the luvit wiki!

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This project moves as fast as you the community moves. Some features required to reach full parity with nodeJS are:

  • Proper streams. Our streams are primitive. There isn't proper back-pressure or error propagating. Also note this in an evolving API in node as well, so it's a moving target.
  • ZLib support (GZIP/Gunzip streams) (work in progress by dvv)

Also it would be great if people used Luvit as it to write some applications. There is more than enough here to write real apps. Let me know what works and what really needs to be done.

Luvit is much faster and more efficient than NodeJS in many cases (especially initial ram overhead). It has proper co-routines and a really nice FFI thanks to luajit. Let's show what this project can uniquely accomplish!