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Data Selfie

how to run

  • to make a build (folder) from src npm run build
  • to make a build and watch for changes npm run buildw
  • to make a build and minify etc (see webpack.config.js) npm run buildprod
  • in your Chrome browser go to chrome://extensions/ and tick the box that says "Developer mode"
  • now click "Load unpacked extension..." and choose the build folder you just created
  • you can now use Data Selfie, the extension icon (the eye) should now appear in your toolbar
  • it is tracking if the eye is black (instead of gray) and if you can see a clock at the bottom left in your facebook window

monitor your monitoring

  • open console in any Facebook tab (by pressing Alt+Cmd+J on a Mac)
  • you can see logs of what is happening in the background with Data Selfie

fix for most errors

  • "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" - refresh the Facebook tab or close and open a new one

short cuts

  • url bar, type "ds" + tab
  • available commands reset db, delete db, init db

access local data

tracked data

  • open console in background page or Data Selfie Me page (Alt+Cmd+J on a Mac)
  • go to the "Application" tab
  • Storage > IndexedDB
  • click triangle to expand the subitems
  • "DataSelfieLocalDB" contains all tracked data (this is not saved anywhere else(!), so be careful before clearing this storage)

chrome local storage

  • you can access settings, your general user data and the prediction

    • open console in background page or Data Selfie Me page (Alt+Cmd+J on a Mac)
    • copy chrome.storage.local.get(function(data){console.log(data)})
    • press Enter
  • you can delete your prediction to start new

    • open console in background page or Data Selfie Me page (Alt+Cmd+J on a Mac)
    • copy chrome.storage.local.remove(["alchemy", "applymagicsauce", "personality"])
    • press Enter

known bugs

  • posts like friendship anniversaries and memories are not considered, which sometimes leads to time being added to the previously looked at post
  • when Facebook tab has been in the background for a while and you go back the clock might not show up again
  • exporting your data can result in an invalid json file (that you can't import), when URLs contain double quotes " that are not excaped, you can do that manually by adding \ before the "
  • more bugs commented in source code under "// FIX"

to do list

  • refine the limit of data sent to IBM (Alchemy and Personality Insights), now only last 300 rows - add date (e.g. last 5 days from last time active)
  • make tracking more stable (we need your help, please report any problems you run into)
  • improve Your Data Selfie (Me) page front end code (responsive, handlebars or similar instead of jquery append - I know horrible)


This project is maintained by one developer as of now. Get in touch to be involved at hello@dataselfie.it.

This was mainly tested in Chrome Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit) on a Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 with Facebook in English (US).