A code editor for Haiku based on Scintilla editing component.
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Koder icon Koder

Koder is a code editor built using Scintilla editing component.



  • Scintilla
  • yaml-cpp


Koder uses makefile_engine. Invoke make in root directory.


Copy all files from data directory to Koder directory in any non-packaged/data folder.


0.4.0 - TBD

  • Find/Replace window can be closed with Esc now.
  • Fix for saving preferences.
  • Save Find window settings.
  • Limited .editorconfig support.
  • Stack all windows besides those from Tracker.
  • Add status bar.
  • Add dark theme by Mikael Konradsson.
  • Add support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and OCaml.
  • Change styling system to make creating new themes easier.
  • Add quick search shortcuts.
  • Implement incremental search.

0.3.0 - 20-03-2018

  • New icon.
  • Add right-click menu.
  • Disable menu items according to editor state.
  • Fix multiple language entries in Language menu.
  • Show alert if styles not found.
  • Change shortcut for Go to line.
  • Add View->Wrap lines.
  • Add File->Reload.
  • Add tooltips to toolbar buttons.
  • Add option to attach windows to existing ones.
  • Cascade windows if necessary.
  • Open files in the same window only if it is new window and has not been modified.
  • Add option to highlight trailing whitespace.
  • Add option to trim trailing whitespace.
  • Add option to trim trailing whitespace automatically on save.
  • Use multiline controls in Find window.
  • Add support for regex in Find/Replace.
  • Fix keyboard navigation in Find/Replace.
  • Rearrange Find/Replace window interface.
  • Add "Open corresponding file" option.
  • Fix opening files from command line.

0.2.0 - 15-04-2017

  • Add icon.
  • Add translations.
  • Adjust whitespace size.
  • Fix crash when changing git branches with a file open.
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar on long lines.
  • Recolor the document on language change.
  • Handle drag and drop message.
  • Add jumping to specific position in file from command line. Handle parameters from /bin/open.
  • Add comment line/block feature.
  • Add indent guides highlighting.
  • Add editor style menu to preferences.
  • Add toolbar.
  • Put selection in Find window automatically.
  • Add AWK, Perl, Ruby and Rust support.

0.1.0 - 01-01-2017

  • Initial release.