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connor4312 commented Sep 29, 2020

While testing microsoft/vscode#105881 I noticed a case:

  1. Change a file (but do not stage it)
  2. Run Git: Commit Empty
  3. Say that you're sure you want to create an empty commit
  4. You're presented with this screen. There's no way to get past it and create an empty commit without stashing/discarding local changes 🐛


ekkl commented Jul 9, 2018
  1. Select theme with thick strip in line number block.
  2. Save and restart. Open some file. Нou see that the first characters of the lines are hidden under stripe.
  3. Open another file. All display properly.
  4. If you see carefully that the whole block with line numbers in the first case is shifted to the left.
    First file
    First file

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