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Karr whole-cell modeling lab

Developing whole-cell computational models to predict and engineer biology.

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  1. de_sim de_sim Public

    Python-based object-oriented discrete-event simulation tool for complex, data-driven modeling

    Python 30 6

  2. latex-grant latex-grant Public

    LaTeX classes for formatting scientific documents, including US federal grant proposals.

    TeX 22 9

  3. intro_to_wc_modeling intro_to_wc_modeling Public

    Whole-cell modeling tutorials

    Python 16 5

  4. gdoc_down gdoc_down Public

    Command line programs to save Google documents to text and LaTeX files

    Python 15 2

  5. datanator datanator Public

    Toolkit for discovering and aggregating data for whole-cell modeling

    Python 15 4

  6. wc_lang wc_lang Public

    Language for describing whole-cell models as reaction networks

    Python 9 3


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