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An Open-Sourced chatting app.

Heyđź‘‹, we're Kastel

Kastel saying I'm feeling really good today

Who Are we?

Kastel is our open-sourced chat platform, designed to foster community engagement and meaningful connections. Much like Discord, Guilded, and Revolt, we're here to empower our community by actively seeking and incorporating your valuable feedback.

Our commitment? We're in it for the long run. Kastel plans on remaining open-sourced, with plans to introduce optional end-to-end (E2E) encryption for both direct and group messages. Just like Discord, we'll also welcome bots onto this platform.

We prioritize your experience, which is why you won't find intrusive ads here. Instead, we aim to introduce subscriptions and donation options to sustain our platform.

Behind the scenes, our tech stack is robust. We utilize Typescript for the backend, including WebSocket, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and APIs, with Bun as our runtime. On the frontend, we use Svelte with Tailwind CSS for our styling.

At present, our dedicated team consists of three passionate individuals. Kastel is not just an app; it's a community-driven endeavor. Join us and be part of something special.


We believe that Kastel's growth and success are a collective effort, and we welcome contributions from the community. Here's how you can get involved and make a difference:

  1. Code Contributions: If you're a developer and want to contribute to the Kastel project, we encourage you to fork our repository, make your improvements, and submit a pull request. Make sure to follow our Code of conduct.

  2. Bug Reports and Issue Tracking: Found a bug or an issue while using Kastel? Please report it to our Github discussions. Include the error, steps to reproduce, and a brief explanation of what to expect and what actually happens. This helps our team address and resolve issues more effectively.

  3. New Features & Improvements: Thought of a new idea? Or an amazing new feature to improve Kastel? Share it with us! Open feature requests on our Github discussions (Feedback) (Suggestions) and we'll consider your suggestions as we continue to improve the platform.

  4. Documentation: Clear and comprehensive documentation is crucial for our contributors & Developers. If you have expertise in this area, consider contributing to our documentation to make Kastel more accessible to everyone.

  5. Community Feedback: We highly value the feedback and insights of our users. Check out our Github discussions to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with Kastel. Your input helps shape the direction of our platform.

  6. Spread the Word: If you appreciate Kastel and its mission, help us reach a wider audience. Share it around with friends or family! This will help Kastel grow into an even better platform.

We want Kastel to be a supportive and inclusive app, where Feedback and contributions are recognized. Together, we can make Kastel an even better platform for our community.


  1. frontend frontend Public

    A Frontend for Kastel.

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  2. backend backend Public

    The backend for Kastel

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