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Katello integrates open source systems management tools into a single solution for controlling the lifecycle of your machines.

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Octocat-spinner-32 katello.gemspec Update foreman-tasks March 25, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 rubygem-katello.spec Update foreman-tasks March 25, 2014

Katello Build Status

Full documentation is at


Katello is a systems life cycle management plugin to Foreman. Katello allows you to manage thousands of machines with one click. Katello can pull content from remote repositories into isolated environments, and make subscriptions management a breeze.

Currently, it is able to handle Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux based systems.


The recommended way to set up Katello for development to use the katello-devel-installer directly or via katello-deploy.

Test Run

At this point, the development environment should be completely setup and the Katello engine functionality available. To verify this, go to your Foreman checkout:

  1. Start the development server

    cd $GITDIR/foreman
    rails s
  2. Access Foreman in your browser (e.g. http://<hostname>:3000/)

  3. Login to Foreman (default: admin and changeme)
  4. Create an initial Foreman organization
  5. Navigate to the Katello engine (e.g. http://<hostname>:3000/katello)

Start the background jobs processor

You also will need the delayed_jobs engine to be running to process Katello's async tasks. To start it do:

cd $GITDIR/foreman

rake jobs:work

Reset Development Environment

In order to reset the development environment, all backend data and the database needs to be reset. To reiterate, the following will destroy all data in Pulp, Candlepin and your Foreman/Katello database. From the Foreman checkout run:

rake katello:reset

Found a bug?

That's rather unfortunate. But don't worry! We can help. Just file a bug on our Bugzilla or in our project tracker.


See getting involved.

Contact & Resources


Documentation is generated with YARD and hosted at This documentation is intended for developers, user documentation can be found on wiki. Developer documentation contains:

  • code documentation
  • high level guides to architectures and implementation details
  • how-tos

Note: older developer guides can be found on our wiki, they are being migrated.

How to

Current documentation

  • {file:doc/}
  • {file:doc/}


  • {file:doc/how_to/ Enabling Praise} - raise/exception investigation


  • {file:doc/how_to/ How to package new gem}


  • {file:doc/katellodb.html DB schema documentation}
  • Original Rails generated README {file:doc/RailsReadme}, we may do certain things differently

    • we use doc directory for storing markdown guides instead of a generated documentation


  • {Katello::Configuration}
  • {Notifications}
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