Plugin for autocomplete python code on Gedit.
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GEdit Python Code Completion Plugin

This plugin provides Python code completion for GEdit 3.x.


Copy the .plugin file, and the source folder to ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins

The plugin can then be enabled from the plugin manager.


  • Currently only parses the current file
  • Attempts to guess the type of a variable from assignment statement
  • Correctly code completes self. in class methods


  • Handle tuple assignments
  • Copy the scope from the source to the destination during an assignment
  • Store a list of types that a variable has been assigned ( e.g a = 1; a = "abc"; should store both IntScope and StrScope on the variable)
  • Handle inherited scopes from base classes
  • Handle imports
  • Handle multiple files, follow and parse unopened imports in a background thread and store the module scope