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  • STATE:
  • MSVC 2013 RC: Builds OK, Tests OK (but the two ones I keep ignoring)
  • GCC 4.8.1 MinGW64: Build OK, Tests OK (but this is only windows)
  • (here is where you come in!)

Create Lua bindings for your C++ code easily - my improvements

  • Variadic templates.
  • Got rid of the arrays created in invoke.
  • All boost removed (except if the nothrow policy shall be used).
  • No backward compatibility to any old or faulty (MS) compilers.
  • This is 24mb of Intellisense db versus close to 90mb with original luabind, also Intellisense is not crippled by boost preprocessor usage.

Important: This is not drop in replacable.

  • The template parameters to class class_ work a bit differently to the original (Wrapper and Holder have a specific index, if you don't want one of them, use null_type)
  • The policies are not implemented as functions with a wrapped integer argument, they're aliases to policy lists containing exactly the one respective policy

What next?

  • There is an update in the pipeline that adds memory locality efficiency for lua-side objects, support for move-only types (read: no more adopt policies, because you can handle transfer of ownership with smart_ptrs like you would do in modern c++), more efficient refs. It's held back by the necessity to change the wrap_base-inheritance stuff accordingly, which will in turn be one indirection more inefficient according to current plans. I'm lacking the overview if inheritance on the lua side is actually used frequently and if changes in its syntax would be OK, because the unit tests are crowded with wrap_base stuff but I have never actually used this functionality myself.


Create Lua bindings for your C++ code easily - my improvements




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