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Simple trait to make your class strict, when calling or accessing undefined member (property or method).
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Simple set of traits to make your classes strict, when calling or accessing an undefined member (property or method).

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This library is heavily inspired by Nette\ObjectMixin.


The best way to install Kdyby/StrictObjects is using Composer:

composer require kdyby/strict-objects


Simply include the trait in your class and it will behave strictly!

use Kdyby\StrictObjects\Scream;

class MyClass
    use Scream;

    // my code

If you for some reason can't or don't want to make all undefined property and method access strict, you can enable the behavior selectively by using specific traits:

  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\PropertyReadScreamer: Will throw when attempting to read an undeclared property.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\PropertyWriteScreamer: Will throw when attempting to write to an undeclared property.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\PropertyExistsScreamer: Will throw when attempting to check existence of an undeclared property.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\PropertyRemovalScreamer: Will throw when attempting to unset an undeclared property.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\InstanceMethodCallScreamer: Will throw when attempting to call an undefined instance method.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\StaticMethodCallScreamer: Will throw when attempting to call an undefined static method.

For convenience, there are also:

  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\PropertyScreamer: Combines all property access, will throw on any interaction.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\MethodCallScreamer: Combines both method call types, will throw for all methods.
  • Kdyby\StrictObjects\Scream combines all screamers into one.

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