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A website for


To allow anyone and everyone to play biketag! This site will ingest the Reddit posts playing biketag for a configured subreddit, and display them on biketag. Conversely, using the site you can create a new tag and will be automagically posted to Reddit! This lets anyone play the game without needing to know how to imgur or having a reddit account, while continuing to support those who have been playing biketag on reddit as well!



If you'd like to contribute to this project you can file an issue, fork the code and create a pull request, or donate money towards server costs which currently run between $5-10/month.

Donate with PayPal


Install dependencies

Run npm install to install the node module dependencies.

Required Configuration

The app loads a config.json file found in the root folder. Here's an example of a minimum config to get the local site to display images for the Portland subdomain as the default:

  "subdomains": {
    "default": {
      "imgur": {
        "imgurAlbumHash": "Y9PKtpI"
      "reddit": {
        "redditSubreddit": "CyclePDX"
  "port": 3000

Start local server

Run npm run run to run the webserver and then navigate to http://localhost:3000 or whichever port you have set in the config.json. You can also run npm run dev to run in debugging mode for local development, though it is not required.

Change the website code

The homepage is in the /templates/pages/ folder using index.html. The styles are in the /templates/sass/ folder using main.scss. The sass is compiled by running the command npm run sass and all of the output files are saved in the folder /assets/css/. The rest of the website content is in the /assets/ folder, including javascript and fonts and images.

Note: When running in dev mode, changes to the files in the /assets/ folder are reflected immediately upon the next request, without needing to run any commands.

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