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Raspberry Pi. A GUI for OMXPlayer
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A GUI interface using jbaiter's pyomxplayer wrapper to control omxplayer


Instructions for installation on the official Raspbian image

Update omxplayer

Ensure you have the latest version of omxplayer by typing the following in a terminal window open in the home directory:

     sudo apt-get update

     sudo apt-get upgrade

Download and Install pexpect

This is specified here and copied below:

From a terminal window open in your home directory type:

     tar xzf pexpect-2.3.tar.gz
     cd pexpect-2.3
     sudo python ./ install

Download and Install TBOPlayer

From a terminal window open in your home directory type:

     wget -O - | tar xz

There should now be a directory 'KenT2-tboplayer-xxxx' in your home directory. Rename the directory to tboplayer

Open the tboplayer directory and from a terminal opened in THIS directory:


TBOPlayer is developed on Raspbian Wheezy with python 2.7



  • ADD - duplicates the Track>Add menu item

  • PLAY - Play the selected track

  • PAUSE - Pause playing, operational only during playing

  • STOP - Stop playing, operational only during playing

  • VOL +- - Volume control, operational only during playing


  • Track - add edit or remove a track from the current playlist

  • Playlist - save the current playlist or open a saved one

  • OMX - display the track information for the last played track (needs to be enabled in options)

  • Options -

    • Audio Output - play sound to hdmi or local output, auto does not send an audio option to omxplayer.

    • Mode - play the Single selected track, Repeat the single track or rotate around the Playlist starting from the selected track.

    • Initial directory for tracks - where Add Track starts looking.

    • Initial directory for playlists - where Open Playlist starts looking

    • Enable subtitles

    • OMX player options - add your own (no validation so be careful)

    • Debug - prints some debug text to the command line

    • Generate Track Information - parses the output of omxplayer, disabled by default as it may cause problems with some tracks.

A track is selected using a single click of the mouse, playing is started by pressing the Play button or the . key

During playing of a track a slightly modified set of omxplayer commands can be used from the keyboard but there must be FOCUS on TBOPlayer. A list of commands is provided in the help menu. Note: some of the commands are not implemented by omxplayer.

If you have problems playing a track try it from the command line with omxplayer -ohdmi file or omxplayer -olocal file

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