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Relationships Extended Module for Kentico
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Relationships Extended Module for Kentico This tool extends Kentico by allowing support and management tools for 6 Relationship scenarios:

  • Related Pages (Both Orderable AdHoc Relationships and Unordered Relationships)
  • Node Categories (using CMS.TreeNode)
  • Node Categories (using a Custom Joining Table)
  • Object to Object binding with Ordering
  • Node to Object binding with Ordering
  • Node to Object binding without Ordering.


  • Open your Kentico Solution and right click on the CMS Project, and select "Manage NuGet Packages..."
  • Search for RelationshipsExtended and select the major version that mathces your Kentico version (ex 10.0.0 = Kentico 10, 11.0.0 = Kentico 11)
  • After your NuGet package finishes installing, run your Keintico ste. Ignore the Event Log Error for the RelationshipsExtended ErrorSettingForeignKeys as that always happens on the first start up.
  • Go to System -> Restart Application
  • If on Kentico 10, also go to System -> Macros -> Signatures and resign your macros.


If you are using Kentico 12 MVC, you should also install the RelationshipsExtendedMVCHelper NuGet package on your MVC site, this will provide you with TreeCategory and AdHoc relationship support and event hooks that the Admin (Mother) also contain, so any adjustments in code will also work properly with staging and such.

Ordering Related Pages in MVC

One other issue that currently exists is Adhoc (sortable) relationships can be rather difficult in code, there is a helper that is only usable on MultiDocumentQuery objects, which have their own issues.

If you wish to have an ordered relationship call using the DocumentQuery or MultiDocumentQuery, follow this extension found in the RelationshipsExtended namespace

DocumentHelper.GetDocuments().InRelationWithOrder(nodeGuid, "MyRelationshipName");
DocumentHelper.GetDocuments().InRelationWithOrder(nodeID, "MyRelationshipName");

You can likewise use DocumentHelper.GetDocuments<MyRelatedPageType>() or DocumentHelper.GetDocuments("custom.MyRelatedPageType") which will then return the additional columns found in the class.

I plan on releasing a new version of this with a helper included in the near future.


If you are new to the tool, please check out the Wiki page on this GtHub to get a general overview, then check out the full Demo Guid that shows you step by step how to leverage this tool.

Contributions, but fixes and License

Feel free to Fork and submit pull requests to contribute.

You can submit bugs through the issue list and i will get to them as soon as i can, unless you want to fix it yourself and submit a pull request!

This is free to use and modify!


Can be used on any Kentico 10.0.52, 11.0.48+, and Kentico 12 SP site (hotfix 29 or above).

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