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Template for building interactive command-line applications
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Collin is a template/skeleton for creating interactive/stateful command-line applications.

Why Collin?

clint was already taken

Why not Click or Argh?

AFAIK, the regular CLI-building libraries do not provide interactive/stateful options, without implementing some type of extra storage-mechanism


Collin can hold data within the programming data-structures (variables, etc.) for the duration of the program. You no longer need a database or other storage-mechanism


Collin is very much a template/skeleton. The code is relatively simple for all types of programmers (novice included) and can be extended to just about any other language that has some command-line support


Collin currently supports:

  • Python3
  • Python2 (with a few adjustments to the Python3 code)
  • [add your language to this document]


  1. Save and in any folder
  2. Open folder in the CLI of your choosing
  3. Run:



  1. Fork the repo
  2. Make your changes/additions
  3. Open a Pull Request

Adding another language

  1. Create a folder specifying your desired language eg. Ruby, Haskell
  2. Use the basic structure of menu.[lang] and functions.[lang] within newly created folder
  3. If your language has multiple versions eg. Python2 and Python3 then specify the version in the folder-name


This project is licensed under the Unlicense, as it is just a template. You can therefore re-license any projects that use Collin under their own licenses (MIT/Apache/BSD/GPL3/etc.)

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