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Rtorrent + Rutorrent

  • 0.9.6, latest

Update Jun 13 2017
The container now removes the file and the rtorrent.lock upon startup.
Should fix some issues when restarting the container.

This is a container running Rtorrent with Rutorrent as WebUI. Rutorrent comes with 16 of my favorite plugins.

  • Auto Tools Plugin v3.6
  • CPU Load Plugin v3.6
  • Data Plugin v3.6
  • Erase Data Plugin v3.6
  • Ratio Plugin v3.6
  • Extended Ratio v3.6
  • File Drop v3.6
  • iPad Plugin v3.6
  • Look At v3.6
  • Noty v3.6
  • Retrackers Plugin v3.6
  • Seeding Time Plugin v3.6
  • Show Peers like wTorrent Plugin v3.6
  • Theme Plugin v3.6
  • Throttle Plugin v3.6
  • Track Lables Plugin v3.6
  • FlatUI Themes by exetico


Simply run

docker run --name rtorrent \
    -v /home/kerwood/Downloads:/downloads \
    -p 8181:80 \
    -p 51001:51001 \
    -d kerwood/rtorrent-lxc

Change rtorrent port

By default rtorrent uses port 51001-51001. You can change these ports with the RTORRENT_PORT environmental variable. Remember to publish the port(s) to. And yes, even if you specify only one port, you will have to write it as it was a range, 52002-52002. You can specify a range of ports, but its recommended to only use one. And remember that Docker will make as many iptables entries as there are ports in the range.

docker run --name rtorrent \
    -v /home/kerwood/Downloads:/downloads \
    -e RTORRENT_PORT=52002-52002 \
    -p 52002:52002 \
    -p 8181:80  \
    -d kerwood/rtorrent-lxc


To get authentication use HTUSER and HTPASS.

docker run --name rtorrent \
    -v /home/kerwood/Downloads:/downloads \
    -e HTUSER=Admin \
    -e HTPASS=Passw0rd \
    -p 8181:80 \
    -p 51001:51001 \
    -d kerwood/rtorrent-lxc

Rtorrent watch folder

Rtorrent has a cool feature where it watches a folder for torrent files and starts them automatically. Just mount the volume /watch

docker run --name rtorrent \
    -v /home/kerwood/Downloads:/downloads \
    -v /home/kerwood/Watch:/watch \
    -p 8181:80 \
    -p 51001:51001 \
    -d kerwood/rtorrent-lxc

Consistent torrents

If you want to make your torrents consistent (being able to create a new container with the same torrents), just mount the volume /home/rtorrent/rtorrent-session Be sure to make the session directory on the host writable by uid/gid 1000 or by everyone. If rtorrent cannot write to the folder, rtorrent will not start. When ever you recreate a new container with existing session files, make sure to delete rtorrent.lock in the host session directory before running the new one. Or else rtorrent will fail to start.

docker run --name rtorrent \
    -v /home/kerwood/Downloads:/downloads \
    -v /home/kerwood/rtorrent-sessions:/home/rtorrent/rtorrent-session \
    -p 8181:80 \
    -p 51001:51001 \
    -d kerwood/rtorrent-lxc

Patrick Kerwood @
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A Docker container with Rtorrent + Rutorrent.



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