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OpenXR™ API Documentation Project

This repository contains sources for the formal documentation of the OpenXR API. This includes:

  • the OpenXR API Specification

  • OpenXR header files (generated from the specification)

  • related tools and scripts.

The authoritative public repository is located at It hosts public Issue tracker, and accepts patches (Pull Requests) from the general public.

Directory Structure

The directory structure is as follows:

README.adoc           This file            Copyright and licensing information    Code of Conduct
specification/        Specification - files to generate the spec
include/openxr/       Static OpenXR header (not generated from the Registry)

Building the Specification and Reference Pages, and Regenerating Headers

The document sources are marked up in Asciidoctor format, and we use asciidoctor and related toolchain components to generate output documents. See specification/ for more information on installing the toolchain and building the Specification.

Note about git blame

We are tracking "bulk commits" in the .git-blame-ignore-revs file, for better git blame output. Sadly it appears that web interfaces do not yet handle this file, but you can if using the command line. See --ignore-revs-file docs for details, and this blog post about ignore-revs for some useful usage details.