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glTF Sample Models

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Sample glTF 2.0 models are provided in one or more of the following forms of glTF:

  • glTF (.gltf) with separate resources: .bin (geometry, animation, skins) and .jpg or .png image files. The supporting files are easily examined when separated like this, but must be kept together with the parent glTF file for the model to work.
  • glTF (.gltf) with embedded resources (as Data URIs). This form tends to be larger than the others, but Data URIs do have their uses.
  • Binary glTF (.glb) using the binary container format. These are easily shared due to the bundling of all the textures and mesh data into a single file.
  • glTF (.gltf) using the KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness extension. This is an alternate PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflow that gives model artists an extra degree of freedom over glTF's core metallic/roughness PBR workflow.

See the in each model's directory for license information.

Sample models help the glTF ecosystem, if you are able to contribute a model, see the contributing section below.

Model Publishing Services with glTF Download Capability

  • Sketchfab offers auto-conversion of all of its downloadable models, including PBR models, to glTF format.
  • Google's Poly offers certain 3D assets for download in glTF format.

Other glTF Models

For addition glTF models, see:

Contributing Sample Models

We appreciate sample model contributions; they help ensure a consistent glTF ecosystem.

To contribute a model, open a pull request with:

  • A new subdirectory containing
    • The model in as many glTF variations as reasonable (using the same directory structure as the others (example)). Tools for converting to glTF are here.
    • A screenshot of the model, stored in a subdirectory called /screenshot
    • A with information about the model. As shown in this example, this file should at least include the following elements:
  • Add the new model to the appropriate table.

If you have any questions, submit an issue.


glTF Sample Models



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