glTF Sample Models
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glTF Sample Models

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Sample glTF 2.0 models are provided in as many of the following formats as possible:

  • glTF (.gltf) with separate resources: .bin (geometry, animation, skins), .glsl (shaders), and image files
  • glTF (.gltf) with embedded resources
  • Binary glTF (.glb) using the binary container format
  • glTF (.gltf) using the KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness extension
  • Original COLLADA (.dae) or other source format

See the in each model's directory for usage restrictions.

Sample models help the glTF ecosystem, if you are able to contribute a model, see the contributing section below.

Other glTF Sample Models

For addition glTF models, see:

Contributing Sample Models

We appreciate sample model contributions; they help ensure a consistent glTF ecosystem.

To contribute a model, open a pull request with:

  • A new subdirectory containing
    • The model in as many glTF variations as possible (using the same directory structure as the others (example)). Tools for converting to glTF are here.
    • A with any usage restrictions.
  • Add the new model to the appropriate table.

If you have any questions, submit an issue.