Github Gamification - Achievements system as a GitHub WebHook.
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  • Get achievements on different characteristics of your pull requests
  • Use the achievibit chrome extension to see achievibit inside GitHub

how to use

we're working on implementing GitHub oAuth to support some extra features.

stay tuned

achievibit needs to be integrated into each enabled repository via a webhook.

  1. Go to your main repository page
  2. click on Settings
  3. on the sidebar, click on Webhooks
  4. click on add webhook
  5. paste achievibit's url ( into the payload url
  6. change Content type to application/json
  7. on ***Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?***, select Let me select individual events. and check Pull request and Pull request reviews

Maybe sometime later we'll also support repo achievements. open an issue if you're interested :-)

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You can install our chrome extension to see achievements in github profiles, and see an animation everytime you get an achievement

Add our shield to your project's README

We've just started, and we want to spread the word. We would really appreciate if you'll add our shield if you think achievibit is worth talking about

copy this snippet to any markdown file

  • shield: number of achievable achievements Supported achievements
[![Supported achievements](](



$ npm install

Running the app

# development
$ npm run start

# watch mode
$ npm run start:dev

# incremental rebuild (webpack)
$ npm run webpack
$ npm run start:hmr

# production mode
$ npm run start:prod


# unit tests
$ npm run test

# e2e tests
$ npm run test:e2e

# test coverage
$ npm run test:cov

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