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  1. KiiChat KiiChat Public

    KiiChat is a demo showing a WhatsApp like application powered by Kii Cloud

    Java 42 63

  2. KiiBlocks KiiBlocks Public

    An open-source SpriteKit game for iOS

    Objective-C 35 8

  3. KiiToolkit-iOS KiiToolkit-iOS Public

    A suite of iOS classes and methods to make app development simpler

    Objective-C 17 3

  4. KiiChat-gihyo KiiChat-gihyo Public

    Java 7

  5. KiiUnitySDKSamples KiiUnitySDKSamples Public

    C# 7 7

  6. Kii2DPlatformer Kii2DPlatformer Public

    A demo of using basic Kii functionality on a Unity 2D game

    C# 6 6


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